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World Bank helps Serbia increase the number of its poor families receiving cash transfers by 25%

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This operation, among other things, helps Serbia: increase the number of low income households receiving cash transfers by 25 percent; triple the amount of cash benefits for the poor families with more than three members; contain the public sector wage bill while improving public

Dacic to attend Labour Day celebration at Makis training centre

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On the occasion of Labour Day,  Ivica Dacic and his associates will celebrate this holiday  at the police training centre in Makis.

Hydropower plant opens for supply of Studenica Monastery with electricity

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Bishop Hrizostom of Zica opened a small hydroelectric power plant on the Studenica River on Friday, which will supply the Studenica Monastery and its surroundings with electricity.

Subsidies for 200 new employees

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Minister of Economy and Regional Development Nebojsa Ciric signed Thursday a subsidy contract with the Banini confectionery company, which should stimulate investments and allow the company to hire 200 new employees.

Law forces 38 percent of smokers to quit smoking

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The Law on the Protection of Population Against Tobacco Smoke in Serbia has forced 38 percent of smokers to quit smoking, 20 percent of them are considering leaving cigarettes, and 25 percent reduced the cigarette consumption, the results of the survey carried out by the Serbian

Djilas: Elections between December 15 and May 2012

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Deputy President of the Democratic Party (DS) and Mayor of Belgrade Dragan Djilas said that no one who really represents DS is engaged in guesswork with the date of elections and stressed that elections will be held between December 15, 2011 and May 2012.

Serbian Police arrested members of Turkish Hezbollah

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Ivica Dacic said today that Interpol Ankara confirmed that one of the arrested persons who attempted to illegally cross the border at the Horgos border crossing, Aidan Tamak, is member of the Turkish Hezbollah terrorist organisation.

Labour Day marked in Serbia despite rain

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Labour Day May 1 was marked throughout Serbia Sunday by the laying of wreaths at monuments to famous fighters for workers' rights, performances and picnics, which the rain failed to prevent.


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