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Malovic: Spain lauches extradition procedure for Bojovic

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Spain has begun the process of extraditing Zemun gang leaders Luka Bojovic and gang members Vladimir Milisavljevic and Sinisa Petric to Serbia, Serbian Minister of Justice Snezana Malovic said in Madrid on April 10.

Police arrest 14 suspects in 2008 U.S. Embassy torching

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On April 10, police in several Sebian towns rounded up 14 suspects in the torching of the U.S. Embassy in February 2008 on the heels of a rally called "Kosovo is Serbia."

Stamenkovic:Serbia threatened by recession

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Serbia may be threatened by recession in 2012 if the drop in industrial production continues, economist Stojan Stamenkovic estimated on April 10.

Dacic: Bezdan seizure part of Operation Morava

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In the last four years, the Serbian police have seized over 10 tonnes of different kinds of narcotics, Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said Tuesday in Bezdan near the northern Serbian town of Sombor, where he visited the recently discovered home laboratories for the production

Snake smuggling attempt foiled

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Customs officers foiled an attempt to smuggle a large number of reptiles, mostly snakes, at the Gradina border crossing, after a thorough search of the bus running on the route between Berlin and Plovdiv on a regular basis.

Dacic: Robbers arrested, money not found

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Serbian Minister of the Interior Ivica Dacic said Tuesday that police had arrested six persons suspected of involvement in a robbery of a EUR 850,000 money shipment in Belgrade, March 2011, but the money had not been found.

No new projects in view of Dick Marty's report

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The international community will probably not launch new projects regarding the report by Council of Europe Special Rapporteur Dick Marty on illegal human organ trafficking in Kosovo, President of the National Council of Switzerland Hansjorg Walter stated in Belgrade on Monday.


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