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Ljimaj and three more KLA members acquitted of charges for Klecka

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Minister for Kosovo-Metohija Goran Bogdanovic said on Wednesday that it is scandalous and humiliating for victims that the District Court in Kosovo had found Fatmir Ljimaj and his three co-defendants not guilty on all counts of the indictment for  the war crimes committed

PM Cvetkovic opens apartment hotel “Solaris Resort“ in Vrnjacka Banja

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“Solaris Resort“ currently consists of 33 accommodation units, restaurant, seminar room, wellness centre and sport and entertainment facilities. The construction of another 40 accommodation units, restaurant hall with the capacity of 250 seats, and of a closed and

Dacic and trade unionists for social dialogue

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Dacic underlined that May 1 is a symbolic day for reaching agreements aimed at improving future relations between employers and workers.

Rehabilitation and modernisation of several heating plants in Serbia

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Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Mirko Cvetkovic and Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Milutin Mrkonjic signed trilateral agreements with representatives from 18 local self-governments about a programme of rehabilitation of distance heating system in Serbia –

Foreign trade in January–March 2012 at $7,051.9m

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The Serbian Statistical Office stated that the total foreign trade in the period January–March 2012 stood at $7,051.9 million, a drop of 3.7% compared to the same period last year.

Real drop of quarterly GDP 1.3%

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The Serbian Statistical Office stated today that the real fall of GDP in the first quarter of 2012 stood at 1.3%, compared to the same period last year.

Serbian Hummer in the Armed Forces

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Serbian Defence Minister Dragan Sutanovac expressed expectation in Kragujevac, central Serbia, on Monday that the new utility vehicle produced by Zastava kamioni factory would find its purpose in the Serbian Armed Forces.

Drugs from Russia delivered to Kosovo

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A EUR 225,000 humanitarian shipment of medicines from Russia was delivered to the health-care center in northern Kosovska Mitrovica early Monday.

Srbijagas has reaped profit of RSD 1.25 billion

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 In 2011, Srbijagas generated a profit of RSD 1.25 billion, the company's General Manager Dusan Bajatovic announced on Monday.

Aliyev inks decision on Corridor 11 loan

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Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has approved an agreement which is to grant Serbia a EUR 308 million loan for construction of Corridor 11 section towards the Adriatic Sea from Ljig to Preljine.The Azerbaijani president visited in Serbia in 2011 when he signed the total of

Tadic: All should look up to Lafarge

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Presidential nominee of the 'Choice for a Better Life' coalition Boris Tadic attended on Monday the signing of an agreement on cooperation between the French cement maker Lafarge and J&J company, which will help create 150 jobs in Beocin (northern Serbia).

Three trade unions stage protest walk in Belgrade

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The United Trade Union Sloga, the New Trade Union of Health Workers and the Police Trade Union of Serbia organized a protest march in downtown Belgrade on Tuesday, on the occasion of May 1, pointing to the difficult position of workers in Serbia.

Tadic: Trade unions have important role

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Boris Tadic, a presidential candidate and the leader of the Democratic Party, stated on Tuesday, on the occasion of May 1 - the International Workers' Day - that trade unions and state representatives have an important role, especially in the fight for jobs.


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