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5 Albanians arrested for war crimes, one arrested individual employed by OSCE

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The police arrested eight people in Bujanovac and villages of Trnovac and Breznica in southern Serbia, on Friday, five of whom are suspected of war crimes against civilians.Head of the OSCE Mission in Serbia Dimitrios Kypreos confirmed that one of the individuals arrested is

Doctors and pharmacists freeze strike

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Representatives of the Union of Serbian physicians and pharmacists (SLFS) have decided to freeze the strike and return to the usual method of work.

Sarkozy or Oland - France same towards Serbia

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Whether the victory in the presidential elections in France goes to the current head of state, Nikolas Sarkozy, or falls in the hands of socialist Francois Oland, will be irrelevant to the policy France will pursue towards Serbia, which will probably remain unchanged, experts

Saric gang trial begins in Belgrade

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The trial will merge several indictments, charging members of the gang with trafficking of more than 3 tons of cocaine from Latin America to Western Europe during 2008 and 2009.

Jeremic meets Margallo

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Serbia's Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic has met in Madrid with his Spanish counterpart Jose Garcia-Margallo to discuss Serbia's EU integration, Kosovo and improvements to the two countries' economic cooperation.

ICTY denies Mladic's request for trail adjournment

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The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) Trial Chamber presided by judge Alphons Orie denied the request by Ratko Mladic's defence team for a 90-day adjournment of the start of the trial, it was stated in the ICTY on Friday.

EULEX will arrest criminals in northern KiM

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Internet portal Koha.net reported that around 300 members of elite units of EULEX police would launch an extensive action aimed at arresting both Serb and Albanian criminals in this part of Kosovo who make millions of euros and thus cause damages to the state of Kosovo and its

UN Security Council session on Kosovo on May 14

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The UN Security Council will hold on May 14 a session at which the regular three-month UNMIK report on the situation in Kosovo will be presented, Tanjug has learned.

Two new Russian diesel trains arrive in Belgrade

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Serbian Railways took over on Friday two more Russian diesel-powered trains out of 12 purchased trains which should arrive in Serbia by the end of the year and be put to use on non-electrified tracks.

Govt extends deadline for Smederevo steel mill until June 11

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The Serbian government stated Friday that the deadline for the submitting of binding bids for the selection of a strategic partner for the Smederevo steel mill has been extended until June 11.

Belgrade issues free shares in Telekom Srbija

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The Serbian government has said in a release that the Central Securities Depository (CSD) issued free shares in Telekom Srbija Thursday.

Tadic awarded for contribution to peace,democracy

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President of the Foundation Tural Efendiev pointed out that during Tadic's mandate as the Serbian president, Serbia demonstrated its firm stand as regards active integration into Euro-Atlantic structures and added that the EU candidate status came as the logical outcome of

PTT Srbija contributes to modernisation of public sector

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Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic said today that the company PTT Srbija is an example of a company that, thanks to a skillful business policy, managed to generate profit in a liberalised market, and noted that PTT finances its investment from domestic sources.

VOA: Risk of violence in KiM

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Director of the Military Intelligence Agency (VOA) Brigadier General Dragan Vladisavljevic sad that the current situation in Kosovo-Metohija is marked by inter-ethnic tensions which increase the likelihood of an outbreak of violence.


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