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Assange fears he will get killed in USA

26. December 2010. | 09:10

Source: Tanjug

WikiLeaks website founder Julian Assange expects that Americans will demand his extradition from Great Britain and that, if that happens, he might get killed under mysterious circumstances, The Guardian writes.

WikiLeaks website founder Julian Assange expects that Americans will demand his extradition from Great Britain and that, if that happens, he might get killed under mysterious circumstances, The Guardian writes.

In an interview with the London-based daily, Assange said that Obama’s administrations is "trying to strike a plea deal" with 23-year-old Bradley Manning, American soldier suspected of delivering confidential diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks, bringing Washington D.C. in a very awkward situation.

Manning is in prison in USA, and if the plea is struck, American authorities could formally indict Assange as a co-conspirator, demanding his extradition, WikiLeaks founder said.

In that case, Assange believes, his faith will depend on British Prime Minister David Cameron, who will have difficulties making a decision on extradition having in mind huge support WikiLeaks founder has among the British citizens.

Assange says that his nine-day stay in prison before moving to house arrest prepared him for a long period in prison if USA accuses him. He said the prospect of solitary confinement was no longer an "intellectual abstraction" but a reality.

"Solitary confinement is very difficult. But I know that provided there is some opportunity for correspondence I can withstand it. I'm mentally robust. Of course it would mean the end of my life in the conventional sense," he said, and The Guardian writes.

However, if the US succeeded in removing him from the UK or Sweden, there was a "high chance" of him being killed "Jack Ruby-style" in the US prison system, Assange said referring to unresolved murder of Lee Harry Oswald two days after he was arrested for the assassination of John F. Kennedy. One of the theories is that the murder was committed by the gangster Jack Ruby as a part of wider affair following President Kennedy’s assassination.


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26. December 2010. 11:05:15

| SimonPeter


Julian Assange is an Australian journalist and publisher in good standing with the Australian Media and Artists Union. The Swedisd lawyer for the two females involved in the smear campaign against AJulian Assange is a very senior Swedish politician. The elder of the two women involved wrote a lovely booklet called: 7 Steps to Legal Revenge - a how to guide to framing your ex-boyfreind with rape charges in Sweden. There is no jury system in Sweden. The younder of the two females has fled Sweden to live in Israel because she does not want to go along with the case against Julian Assange. Julian Assange is innocent.


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