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Djelic denies any ownership connection to the "Ekonom:east Media Group" Dinar strengthens against euro,rate at RSD 115.65 EC: New crisis management measures to avoid future bank bail-outs Romania: Gov't decides to cut expenditures on protocol events, foreign visits in public institutions FYRMacedonia: January-April external trade volume US$3,3 billion: statistics US embassy hosts first-ever anti-piracy seminar at Posidonia exhibition Turkish tourists to receive visas at ports of Rhodes, Kos Preparedness exercise on Wed. by military's rapid deployment forces Tsipras briefs G20 ambassador's on SYRIZA's platforms on economy and foreign policy Sorensen:BiH to get candidacy status early in 2014 Hungary and Ukraine at forefront of democratic decline in Central and Eastern Europe Jahjaga rules out division of Kosovo or territory swap Josipovic won't attend new Serbian president's inaugural ceremony Historical archive Sarajevo makes cooperation with historical archives from Belgrade and Ljubljana officials Toner: Srebrenica genocide cannot be denied KCUS: Three patients operated with use of modern system for neuronavigation Money, Politics, Power: Corruption Risks in Europe Bulgaria awarded 5 first-class investor certificates since January 2012 NYTimes: Greece may go completely broke as soon as July According to Turkish school aids part of Bulgaria is Turkish territory Bulgaria to issue bonds worth up to EUR 950 mln. PM Berisha receives Kosova Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Nenad Rasic PM Berisha welcomes participants in International Conference on Foreign Investments in Albania Improvement of transport infrastructure important for region’s development Increasing number of protected areas in Serbia by European standards No new requirements for Serbia's EU membership EULEX flyers inform drivers on reregistration Spokesman: Fuele to attend Nikolic's inauguration UN ahead of decision - Jeremic or Cekuolis Military healthcare pillar of Angola-Serbia ties Tadic: We are close to formation of majority FH:Positive changes, but same ranking for Serbia Vujanovic to attend Nikolic's inauguration Nielsen: I hope that was just Nikolic's gaffe Analysts: More harm than good from higher VAT Economy's competitiveness poses main problem Serbia's balance of payments increased by 46.1%

United Russia wins 238 seats out of 450 – Churov

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United Russia may claim 238 seats out of the 450 in the wake of Sunday’s elections to the State Duma of the sixth convocation. This came in a statement at a news conference earlier today by the Chairman of the Central Elections Commission Vladimir Churov.

Russia's Parliamentary elections 2011 preliminary results

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The 6th State Duma elections in the Russian Federation are now over. At 23:45 p.m. Moscow time 46.2% voted for United Russia, 21.03% - for the Communist Party, 11.1% - for the Liberal Democratic Party, 12.8% - for Just Russia, 2.00% - for Yabloko, 0.50% - for Right Cause, 1.

Russia choosing Parliament

08:39 | broj komentara 0 | Voice of Russia

Parliamentary elections have begun in Russia. Voting will take place across ten time zones and 9,000 km, from the Pacific coast to Kaliningrad. It was midnight in Moscow when polling stations opened in Kamchatka, Chukotka and Yakutia.

Euro zone break-up a real danger - Austria chancellor

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There is a clear danger that the euro zone could break up unless the bloc implements new rules and sticks to them, Austria's chancellor Werner Faymann told a newspaper.

Airbus alleges U.S. interference in $22 billion Boeing deal

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Europe's Airbus accused the White House of derailing open competition by helping Boeing Co win a record aircraft deal in Indonesia as details emerged of a behind-the-scenes struggle over jobs and airplane sales worth almost $22 billion, Reuters reports.

UN cuts world growth forecast, IMF to follow

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The United Nations slashed its forecast for world growth to 2.6 percent in 2012 and warned the eurozone debt crisis could further undermine the global performance.

2011 – a crisis in governance: Protests that marked 2011 show anger at corruption in politics and public sector

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Transparency International warned that protests around the world, often fuelled by corruption and economic instability, clearly show citizens feel their leaders and public institutions are neither transparent nor accountable enough.

Sharklet-fitted Airbus A320 successfully completes first flight-test

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Airbus has completed the first flight of the ‘Sharklet’ wing-tip devices on the company’s A320 development aircraft (MSN 001). This milestone marks the start of the early flight-test campaign to capture data for fine-tuning the flight laws, as well as for certification

Russia ready for elections

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All is ready for the December 4 parliamentary elections in Russia, the head of the Central Electoral Commission Vladimir Churov said at a video conference with district commissioners on Wednesday. He expressed confidence in smooth voting with no faults or violations.

EU-U.S. Summit joint statement

A strong EU-U.S. partnership is crucial to building a more secure, democratic, and prosperous world.

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U.S. President Barack Obama hosted a meeting with members of the European Union delegation that is focused on the European debt crisis.The meeting is proof that a strong EU-U.S. partnership is crucial to building a more secure, democratic, and prosperous world.

Libya: Eni at 200,000 barrels per day

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Eni has almost gone back to its level of 280,000 barrels of oil produced every day prior to the revolution which overthrew the Gaddafi regime. This was noted by Eni CEO Paolo Scaroni in a seminar held in the San Donato Milanese (Milan) offices.

IMF prepares emergency loan for Italy

08:16 | broj komentara 0 | Voice of Russia

The International Monetary Fund has prepared a 600-billion-euro emergency loan for Italy, news reports said on Sunday.

Eurobarometer survey on internal security: The economic crisis and terrorism top the agenda

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The survey provides a detailed analysis of the way in which internal security is perceived both at the EU level and within individual Member States. In the course of this survey, 26,840 European citizens aged 15 and above were interviewed in all 27 Member States of the European

The EU needs better tools to fight crime, terrorism and extremism

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A fresh Eurobarometer opinion poll shows that four out of ten Europeans want the EU to do more to tackle the security challenges outlined in the ISS. Many Europeans also believe that the threats will intensify over the next three years, with cybercrime seen as the security challenge

Putin praises Russia for not being drawn into ‘debt slavery’

11:55 | broj komentara 0 | Voice of Russia

Putin pointed to the current situation in Portugal, Greece, Italy and France, where the situation remains tense because of these four countries’ failure to duly deal with the debt-related issues.

New online portal to help young entrepreneurs start and grow their own business

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The launch took place on 17 November 2011 during the third edition of the "Young European Entrepreneurs' Seminar", hosted by the president of the Employers' Group of the EESC, Henri Malosse. The event featured contributions from 52 active young entrepreneurs from 18

Nuclear safety: Stress tests well on track

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The European stress tests of nuclear power plants are well on track and will further enhance nuclear safety and security in the EU, the Commission says in its very first Communication on the stress tests.

EBRD, Asian Development Bank strengthen ties

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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Asian Development Bank have agreed to work together on a range of projects to build capacity and promote public-private partnerships across the Caucasus and Central Asia.

ALAFCO expands commitment to 80 Airbus A320neo

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ALAFCO, the Kuwait-based international Aviation Lease and Finance Company, has finalised a purchase order for 50 A320neo Family aircraft and took options for 30 more to be finalized by year end.

International ICT exhibition opens in Baku

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More than 250 companies from 29 countries will gather in Baku in order to demonstrate new products and services.

Moody’s warns France

08:55 | broj komentara 0 | Voice of Russia

Moody’s ratings agency has warned France that it may change its AAA rating over the country’s vast external debt and negative growth outlook.

Christofias: Efforts to locate hydrocarbons proceeding very well

10:36 | broj komentara 0 | CNA/AMNA

Efforts to locate possible hydrocarbons in Cyprus' Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) are progressing very well, President Demetris Christofias said Monday, in statements on the drilling rig 'Homer', where exploratory drilling is underway in the Republic's Block 12 'Aphrodite',

Moscow hosts Transport Week-2011 forum

08:53 | broj komentara 0 | Voice of Russia

Participants in the Transport Week-2011 forum are gathering in Moscow for five days of talks. Among other issues, the agenda of the meeting is focusing on Russia`s strengthening role in the development of transport system in Eurasia and the prospects for the country`s integration

Astana hosts 6th Forum of European and Asian Media

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More than 250 chief editors and reporters of different media, politicians and bloggers from more than 15 countries of Europe and Asia are taking part in the forum.

Hungary requests financial help from IMF, EU

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Hungary has officially requested precautionary financial help from the IMF and the European Union, confirming a sharp reversal of the government's opposition to working under the international lender's guidance.

Over 100 kg of explosives seized in Chechnya

18:27 | broj komentara 0 | BSANNA/Itar-Tass

Police have seized almost 83 kilograms of TNT and more than 35 kilograms of hexogen kept near the house of the father of a destroyed militant, ITAR-TASS learnt by telephone at the law enforcement bodies of the republic.

Egypt: at least 40 dead, shortage of coffins

18:25 | broj komentara 0 | ANSAmed

The total number of dead from the clashes in Tahrir Square has risen to over 40. The figure was reported by a source from Cairo morgue, on condition of anonymity.

Spain's Rajoy wins in elections, Papademos and super Mario head to Brussels

12:21 | broj komentara 0 | Daily Forex Fundamentals

A state of anxiety and tensions dominates trading at the beginning of the week on mounting expectations the U.S. congress will fail to agree on the procedures needed to cut the budget deficit, where investor's fears did not calm down after the win of the right-wing party in

New EU-US agreement on PNR improves data protection and fights crime and terrorism

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The new PNR agreement ensures better information sharing by US authorities with law enforcement and judicial authorities from the EU, it sets clear limits on what purposes PNR data may be used for, and it contains a series of new and stronger data protection guarantees.

US expands military presence in Australia

07:09 | broj komentara 0 | Voice of Russia

The main result of US President Barack Obama’s two-day visit to Australia is an agreement between Washington and Canberra on expanding the US military presence in that country.


04. June - 10. June 2012.


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04. June - 10. June 2012.

  • European prison chaplains hold conference at Sambata de Sus

    4. Jun - 8. Jun 2012 | Izabrani događaji

  • Dacic on two-day visit to Russian Federation

    7. Jun - 8. Jun 2012 | Izabrani događaji

  • Posidonia 2012 opens its gates

    4. Jun - 8. Jun 2012 | Izabrani događaji

  • Athens & Epidaurus Festival tickets on sale

    8. Jun - 9. Jun 2012 | Izabrani događaji

  • SPC patriarch and synod members to visit Zagreb

    7. Jun - 9. Jun 2012 | Izabrani događaji

  • Event on occasion of World Accreditation Day

    9. Jun 2012. | Izabrani događaji