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Everts: Pre election campaign in BiH takes place in relatively peaceful environment

23. September 2010. | 08:10

Source: Fena

Election Observation Mission of OSCE will intensively follow the election process in BiH for 6 weeks, and there will be 300 observers on the election day.

 Pre election campaign in BiH is taking place in a relatively peaceful environment, media is not balanced, language is pretty decent, and the highest marks go to the technical preparations done according to the plan, the Chief of the Election observation mission OSCE/ODIHR, the Dutch Ambassador Daan Everts said during yesterday’s talk in Sarajevo with the vice president of Party for BiH and the Minister for Human Rights and Refugees of BiH Safet Halilovic and the member of Presidency of Party for BiH Remzija Kadric.

With this short assessment of situation in BiH before the October general elections, Everts also stated three areas which should be improved, which are the media, financing political parties and election boards, Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees of BiH announced.

“We have a lot of objections on work of both private and public media, because they have a clear selective approach to the candidates”, Everts said with whose assessment Minister Halilovic agreed.

They payed special attention to election boards, for which OSCE observers think are often unprofessional and incompetent, especially on the local level, and they should think about additional education.

Halilovic thinks that most observers would take the election theft to the minimum, and in that sense the Party for BiH would support expert and neutral monitors monitoring the elections.

Minister Halilovic especially emphasized the issue of voting of BiH citizens who live abroad.

“A third of BiH population is living out of BiH and most of these citizens want to participate in all important processes in their country, even in the election process, and we need to secure simpler voting procedures for them”, Halilovic said.

Election Observation Mission of OSCE will intensively follow the election process in BiH for 6 weeks, and there will be 300 observers on the election day.


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