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FYROM: Presentation of awards for best student poster on topic "Ecologic"

28. November 2010. | 09:24

Source: MIA

Maryan Khaleghi Yazdi from Iran is the winner of the third international contest of student poster on the topic "Ecologic", organized by association "Plakart" - the Association of Graphic Designers of Macedonia.

Maryan Khaleghi Yazdi from Iran is the winner of the third international contest of student poster on the topic "Ecologic", organized by association "Plakart" - the Association of Graphic Designers of Macedonia.

The second prize went to Bogirka Nedi from Hungary and the third to Sadbi Aziri from Macedonia.

The awarded posters will be presented at exhibitions across Europe.

An exhibition of 100 best posters is opened late Friday in Skopje Museum and will run until December 6. The exhibition is supported by the Warsaw-based Poster Museum, Czech Association of Graphic Designers, Faculty of Fine Arts within the "Marmara" University from Istanbul and the Waster International Poster Biennial.

The 100 finalists were selected from the 1,610 posters that arrived from 39 countries for the contest.

According to the international jury, creativity, originality, aesthetic, performance and degree of communication with the public were the main criteria for the contest, which invited students of graphic design and visual arts to make poster contribution to the variety of topics, such as climate change, global warming, biodiversity loss, drinking water and sanitation problems, loss of environmental resources, pollution, Kyoto protocol, Copenhagen summit...

This cultural project is one of its kind in Macedonia. It aims to unite the creative potential of students from academies worldwide and use their design and language of art in social awareness campaigns.


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29. November 2010. 16:05:10



Stop being ridiculous; 129 nations of the world call Macedonia "Macedonia" not fyrom. It's time for all of you pawns to come to terms with reality. Stop promoting hate and disinformation. It's time you all see what is behind this stupid Greek invented problem about the name. You make me sick. Like prostitutes you will sell not only yourselves but your stinking souls too.


29. November - 05. December 2010.