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First report on Islamophobia in B&H presented

22. August 2011. | 07:37

Source: BH Daily News

The report has been presented by members of the Islamic Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina Ismail Smajlovic and Ekrem Tucakovic, and it contains the time period between 2004 and 2011.

The first report on islamophobia, discrimination and intolerance in the area of the Islamic Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been presented in Sarajevo.

The report has been presented by members of the Islamic Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina Ismail Smajlovic and Ekrem Tucakovic, and it contains the time period between 2004 and 2011.

“the report contains examples of different kinds of discrimination and intolerance by different individuals and social groups”, Smajlovic and Tucakovic said.

They noted that there are a lot more cases than the ones they presented, and that the report contains only the most pronounced.

The Islamic Community believes that the report is going to help “gain an insight into the frequency and various modes of discrimination and intolerance”.

The report concludes that “islamophobia, discrimination and intolerance toward Muslim and Islamic traditions , is a real and serious problem of Bosnia and Herzegovina society”.

“Irresponsible statements given by politicians and state official contribute to the making of a intolerant ambient.”


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23. August 2011. 20:56:54

| Ime


You failed to protect the people, now you do everything to increase tensions when it is not warranted nor advantageous, yet for any real political or societal improvements, your are to concerned for personal benefits. 20 years since the Bosniaks supported the SDA (muslim party), the results have been 100 000 dead, factories closed (notable exception are tobacco factories and breweries), and a couple of mosques built.

Now the Bosniaks are to blame for "turning away from Islam", but worse yet you have accomplished something that even Karadzic and his cronies never could, to (at least partially) justify their policies and persecution. At the same time the Bosniaks continue to suffer from both Bosnian Serb policies and your own actions. Only a couple months ago the head of the Islamic Community was accusing a politician from Srebrenica, a Bosniak, for hatred and intolerance of Islam.... He should never even address them except with an apology an penance...

Also, Izetbegovic who is currently the political "leader" of the Bosniaks and his family are as guilty.


22. August - 28. August 2011.