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Government reaches agreement over export of Macedonian wine to China

17. May 2012. | 06:27

Source: MIA

The largest wine distributor in China will sign an agreement with nine Macedonian wineries for export of Macedonian wine to China.

The largest wine distributor in China will sign an agreement with nine Macedonian wineries for export of Macedonian wine to China.

Vice Premier for Economic Affairs Vladimir Pesevski told MIA that the leadership of the Chinese distribution company, which imports wine from the entire world, expressed satisfaction from the quality of Macedonian wines at Tuesday's presentation and tasting in Chengdu.

"Macedonian wines were presented during the business forum in Chengdu, including a large number of Chinese wine distributors, with one of the largest ones, which has over 600 distribution centers in the country, expressing satisfaction from the quality. We referred to the signing of an agreement with nine wineries for export of Macedonian wines to China", said Pesevski.

He added the export would represent the Government's assistance to the wine industry, grape producers, and the Macedonian economy in general.

The Chengdu business forum included meetings with numerous companies from the fields of energy, construction, real estate, and transportation systems.

The Macedonian Government delegation, led by Vice Premier Vladimir Pesevski, also included Minister for Attraction of Foreign Investments Vele Samak, and Director of Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion Visar Fida. The Chengdu business forum was organized by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT).

The Government team, led by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, attended Wednesday a business forum in the city of Qingdao, a 5-million city in eastern China, renowned for its swift economic development of an average ten percent per year.

The business forum was attended by representatives of over 100 companies from the Qingdao region.

PM Gruevski urged Chinese businessmen to invest in Macedonia, adding that both countries are committed to promotion of investments in infrastructure, agriculture, education and tourism.

"There are a number of ongoing investment projects for improvement of the physical infrastructure, such as modernization of the energy sector, where Chinese companies can play a significant role", said Gruevski.

He referred to benefits offered to investors, such as low taxes, tax exemptions, state support for investments in technological-industrial development zones, and subsidies for construction costs or training of staff.

Qingdao Deputy-Mayor Liu Mingjun voiced belief over the establishment of enhanced relations between Qingdao companies and Macedonia.

"Macedonia is a Balkan country renowned for its history, hospitality and natural richness. Macedonia and Qingdao can cooperate in the fields of agriculture, infrastructure, education and tourism", said Mingjun.

Vice Premier Pesevski referred to specific projects in the spheres of energy, mining and tourism, Minister Samak highlighted the macroeconomic indicators that guarantee a favorable environment for doing business, whereas foreign investments agency director Fida focused on the options for investments in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries, as well as investment opportunities in agriculture.

Macedonia's investment opportunities will be presented on Thursday at a business forum in Shanghai, followed by a meeting with representatives of Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology.

The Macedonian delegation will wrap up the visit to China with Friday's presentation of investment opportunities in Macedonia at a business forum in Hong Kong. In addition, Gruevski will meet with Donald Tsang, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

PM Gruevski met Tuesday with Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao, reaffirming the high level of favourable political ties established between the two countries, which are being developed in the spirit of friendship, mutual understanding and trust. Talks focused on three projects, which have been presented in the past couple of days by PM Gruevski to Chinese companies and chambers of commerce. They include a major energy project, one in relation to construction of roads and a construction of an industrial park intended only for Chinese companies in Macedonia. In addition to these projects, several smaller ones were also presented that might result in future cooperation between Macedonia and Chinese firms.

Relations between Macedonia and China are developing in the spirit of friendship, mutual understanding and respect of sovereignty, territorial integrity and equality of the two countries. Countries established diplomatic relations on 12 October 1993, with the countries' governments establishing cooperation in the sphere of economy, education, culture, agriculture and technical assistance.


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