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Greece: New Democracy takes lead in four latest opinion polls

29. May 2012. | 08:38

Source: AMNA

New Democracy (ND) party appeas to hold a lead in four opinion polls published on Sunday in as many newspapers.

New Democracy (ND) party appeas to hold a lead in four opinion polls published on Sunday in as many newspapers.

ND is first with the Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) a close second, according to four separate opinion polls.

ND's lead over SYRIZA ranges from 1.1 perent to 5.7 percent, while its percentage of the vote is between 23.3 percent and 25.8 percent. SYRIZA comes second in all four polls, with percentages ranging from 20.1 percent to 23.2 percent, and with previously ruling PASOK third, with percentages ranging from 12.6 percent to 14 percent.

The other parties seen entering Parliament include the Communist Party (KKE), the newly formed Independent Greeks party, Democratic Left (DEM.AR) and ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn (Chryssi Avgi), while some polls also show the liberal Drasi-Recreate Greece coalition just exceeding the 3-percent ceiling needed to enter Parliament.

The percentages of all the remaining parties are lower in relation to the May 6 polls, none of them exceeding 7 percent, especially KKE, which in two polls has slipped to sixth place behind Independent Greeks and DEM.AR.

ND also polls higher as the party voters consider most likely to win the elections regardless of their own personal preference, rising to 42.9 percent from 33.1 percent last week, while ND leader Antonis Samaras is also seen as the leader better able to ensure Greece's position in Europe, with 42 percent choosing Samaras against 24 percent choosing SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras.

The percentage of those polled that want the country to remain in the eurozone is still a very high 87.8 percent, while 64.8 percent want to see a tough renegotiation of the terms of bailout agreements and 21.1 percent want the cancellation of the agreements and rejection of the Memorandum.

The four opinion polls were carried out by Kapa Research for the weekly 'Vima', ALCO for the weekly 'Proto Thema', MARC for the Sunday-edition of 'Ethnos' and MRB for the weekly 'Real News'.


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