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Montenegro joins World Trade Organisation (WTO)

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Most important benefits the WTO membership entails include: constructive dispute resolution, lower living expenses, higher export and improved quality of goods and services, and fight against corruption.

New migrant detention facility opens north of Athens

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The first of 30 recently announced illegal migrant detention centres was opened early Sunday afternoon in the Amygdaleza township, north of Athens, inside the perimeter of a police academy.

17th anniversary of operation Bljesak marked

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Serbia and Republika Srpska Tuesday marked the 17th anniversary of the Croatian military-police operation Bljesak (Flash), which, according to the documentation-information center Veritas, left 283 Serbs from western Slavonia killed, including 57 women and nine children, while

Minimum monthly wage in Bulgaria raised by 10 euro on May 1

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The minimum monthly wage in Bulgaria was raised by 10 euro to reach 145 euro as of May 1.In September 2011 the monthly wage in the country was raised by 15 euro.


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