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Students in front of Serbian government with blankets, tents

30. November 2010. | 06:09

Source: Tanjug, Infobiro.tv

About 50 students will go on a hunger strike. They brought blankets, the tents should arrive, and there are also chains, with which the students will chain themselves.

Students of the Belgrade faculties once again, on Monday, submited their request for government budget-financed education to Serbian government, and, while waiting for an answer in front of the building in Nemanjina 11 Street, where the government quarters are situated, they are preparing themselves for a hunger strike.

About 50 students will go on a hunger strike. They brought blankets, the tents should arrive, and there are also chains, with which the students will chain themselves.

There are about 200 students in front of the building, who will begin the signing of a petition for deposal of Serbian Deputy Minister for Higher Education Slobodan Jaukovic.

During the protest rally, an accident occured when the students tried to block the street where the government building is located. One of them sustained injuries in the leg when hit by a car and he has been taken to hospital.

The students require from the government to ensure budget funding for all those who have obtained at least 48 ECTS-credits in the previous school year.

Minister of Education Zarko Obradovic repeated Monday that the ministry does not have the money for the education of every student, while the rector of the University in Belgrade Branko Kovacevic told the students earlier that their requests are unrealistic due to lack of funds.

Student Conference of Academies of Professional Career Studies supported the students earlier.


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30. November 2010. 19:22:33

| Ime


lack of funds my ass!what a load of lies and shit, the serbian government does however have ten million euros to offer as a reward for the capture of a stinking war criminal, but they don't have the funds to educate their students for the future benefit of our country, just goes to show where their priorities lay, they have no interest in us whatsoever as this is yet another of numerous examples of them lining their own pockets and turning there backs on their own people,they should be ashamed of themselves, i don't know how boris tadic can look at himself in the mirror every morning knowing that he and his cabinet are total scum full of nothing but deciet, lies and empty promises,something needs to be done and only we the people can do it if we get together and stop this madness.
im leave a comment with me i moved here a few years ago from australia and do not like what i see and what is being done to the serbian people, so lets god damn change things around here!!!!


29. November - 05. December 2010.