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Conference “Ethics and promotion of medicines in Serbian market”

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Minister of Health Tomica Milosaljevic will speak at the conference entitled “Ethics and promotion of medicines in the Serbian market” at 10.00 on 28 September at the Deputies’ Club, Tolstojeva 2.

Djelic to attend ceremony observing the Day of Faculty of Biology

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On this day 151 years ago, Prince of Serbia Aleksandar Karadjordjevic passed a decree on establishing a zoological and botanical cabinet at the Higher School of Belgrade.

Obradovic to attend presentation of Connecting Classrooms project

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Minister of Education Zarko Obradovic will attend a presentation of the Connecting Classrooms project at 13.30 on 28 September, at the Zira Hotel, Ruzveltova 35.

2nd stage of School Modernisation Programme to begin

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Representatives of the Ministry of Education and the European Investment Bank (EIB) will present the second stage of the School Modernisation Programme at 15.30 on 28 September, at the Deputies’ Club, Tolstojeva 2

Serbian PM: Danube projects - Investments into European future

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Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic stated Monday that any effort made to strengthen cooperation on the development of projects on the Danube River is an investment into the European future.

EU allocates EUR 5 mln for cities and municipalities in Serbia

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The EU allocated around EUR5 million to stimulate economy and enhance the work of local authorities in 29 municipalities and cities in Serbia, it was stated in Belgrade on Sept. 24 by the Chief of the EU Delegation in Serbia Vincent Degert.

Dell: Talks between Serbia and Kosovo to include whole Kosovo

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U.S. Ambassador to Kosovo Christopher Dell said the coming negotiations between Serbia and Kosovo will include the whole Kosovo, and not just focus on the predominantly Serb populated northern part.

Konuzin: 1244 Resolution basis for solving Kosovo issue

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Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Konuzin stated that UN Security Council Resolution 1244 will remain the basis for sustainable solution of the Kosovo issue, and that the UN Mission is due prolong its activities that will facilitate the process.

Kuci: "The possibilities for the visit of President Tadic are underway".

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Kuci said that talks with head of the Greek office in Pristina Kosovo Dimitris Moschopoulos about the possibilities for the visit of President Tadic are underway.

Slovakia considers withdrawing troops from Kosovo

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The Defense Ministry proposal needs to be approved by the government and the parliament, agencies reported. Defense Ministry spokesman Richard Sumeghy said Friday that the withdrawal from Kosovo would allow Slovakia to send more troops to Afghanistan, where it currently has

Serbia’s office with Partnership for Peace in Brussels – operational

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Serbia’s office with the NATO Program Partnership for Peace in Brussels has today become operational, stated Serbian Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac .

Explosive devices thrown in backyards of two Serb houses

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Last night in Zvecan, in northern Kosmet, explosive devices were thrown in the backyards of Stojkovic family residence and Milisavljevic family house.

"Integration of the Western Balkan countries into the global network security"

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The International Scientific Conference "Integration of the Western Balkan countries into the global network security" was opened today at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade.

EIB projects in Serbia successfully implemented

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Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic and Minister of Finance Diana Dragutinovic met with President of the European Investment Bank (EIB) Philippe Maystadt and stressed that all EIB-funded projects in Serbia are being successfully implemented.

Incidents jeopardising peace in Kosovo-Metohija must be prevented

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Ivica Dacic and Head of EULEX Mission Yves de Kermabon agreed at today's meeting that a priority interest is to preserve stability of Kosovo-Metohija.

Korean car manufacturers keen on investing in Serbia

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Regional Development Mladjan Dinkic and Korean Minister of Economy Young Jun Park met  in Seoul and discussed possibilities of constructing a special-purpose industrial park in Serbia for suppliers to the Korean car industry.

Latest unilateral acts of Pristina violate basic human rights of Kosovo Serbs

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 Minister for Kosovo-Metohija Goran Bogdanovic expressed concern in a meeting with Head of EULEX Mission Yves de Kermabon over the recent unilateral acts by Pristina authorities which directly violate the basic human rights of Kosovo Serbs and cause serious security implications.

Agroziv sells entire property - 35.4 million euros for former giant

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Pancevo-based meat production company Agroziv in bankruptcy announced a public call today for the sale of the whole property whose value is estimated at 3.7 billion dinars (about 35.4 million euros).

Impol Seval expects export worth over 100 million euros

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Copper Mill in Sevojno, as it has already been announced by its CEO Ninko Tesic, has continued achieving good business results in 2010. This company, which exports 96% of total production, is going to achieve above-the-average business results this year thanks to the export

Serbia: EUR 40 million for Belgrade bypass

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The operation represents the second tranche of a total EUR 180 million facility approved by the EIB in 2007 aimed at financing the realisation of 20 kilometres of two-lane bypass roads and 27 kilometers of four-lane motorway located in the West and in the South of the Serbian

CEFTA ghettoized Kosovo

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Kosova Sot reports that Kosovo Institutions are determined not to participate at regional meetings under the UNMIK logo.

Bulgaria protests against attacks on Bulgarian vehicles in Greece

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Bulgaria has sent a note to the Greek embassy in Sofia in relation to the increasingly frequent attacks on trucks of Bulgarian hauliers on Greek territory, the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications said Monday.

Destruction of Telekom base stations in Kosmet continues

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The destruction of fixed and mobile telephony base stations belonging to Serbian company Telekom Srbije in Kosovo has continued at sites where the equipment was shut down as far back as April, Ilija Ivanovic, company technical coordinator for Kosovo and Metohija, said on Sept.

EU: Proof that urgent dialogue is necessary

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Ashton called on all actors "to resolve this issue with the same constructive spirit" that prevailed with the adoption of the recent Serbia-EU resolution (on the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice) at the UN General Assembly.

Dacic to attend 12th ministerial meeting of EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement

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Dacic will open the first session themed “Old and New Challenges in Disaster Prevention and Response: Mobilising Societies for a Safer Future”.


27. September - 03. October 2010.