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Serbs protest against Pristina's ruling

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Around 200 Serbs have protested in Gracanica on Monday against the verdict delivered by the District Court in Pristina, sentencing Zoran Kolic to 14 years in prison “for war crimes committed in Kosovo.”

Prosecutors office:"No fixing of results, bag taken out after counting"

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Serbia's Republic Public Prosecutor's Office said in a release Monday that there had been no fixing of results at a polling place that was the subject of recent allegations about election theft at the May 6 elections in the country.

April prices of goods, services up 0.6%

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Compared to the previous month, major increases were recorded in furniture, appliances and maintenance (1%), transport (0.9%), food and soft drinks (0.8%), health care (0.7%), restaurants and hotels (0.6%) and clothes and footwear (0.5%).

Dinar down to 112.27 for one euro

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The Serbian dinar is down by three para Monday, dropping to an official middle exchange rate of RSD 112.2710 for one euro, the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) has announced.

UN Security Council session on Kosovo Monday

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In his new report Tanjug had access to, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon cautioned about tensions and risks threatening to hamper stability in Kosovo, and said that there will be not be much room for the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina in the coming months.

Jonsen: Telenor works on faster information flow

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 After introducing a "clever" network, Telenor Srbija will aim it activities at speeding up the flow of information, but also at other projects which will simplify even more the use of up-to-date self phones, the company's CoE Chel Morten Jonsen said.

Silicon valley in Belgrade

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Two and a half decades after the start of construction, Belgrade got its first Science and Technology Park, one of several such complexes to be built in Serbia, aiming to attract domestic and foreign hi-tech companies.


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