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E. coli outbreak: EU withdraws Egyptian seeds from the market and temporarily bans their import Free shares revive Serbian capital market Krkobabic opposes raising of pension age Special Olympics ending ceremony: Optimism, strength and humanity Agreement with Belgrade no interstate deal, opposition in Kosovo Catherine Ashton:We all want to see Kosovo move closer to the European Union Candidate status for Serbia in December realistic, Polish ambassador BiH foreign minister says Tadic's visit to Sarajevo is very important UK donates equipment to Serbian Interior Ministry Scholars of “Dositeja” fund to have training at Piraeus Bank Children from Kosovo bringing a 50-meter long flat to Novak Djokovic Tesla Bank’s goal to bolster economic relations between Serbia, Croatia Serbian FM: OSCE strategic partner in providing security in region Kosovo Government: Agreements contribute to better life for people Tahiri: Agreements for better life of people Samos: Infant born with lights from cell phones Increase in tourist arrivals on Rhodes and Dodecanese complex Greece: Deregulation of taxi sector effective as of July 2 Commission expects progress in Greek debt plan at July 11 Eurogroup meeting Lavrov: Russia, NATO differ on Libya resolution Romania 2011 Baccalaureate shocks nation as less than half students pass exam FYROM: Gasoline, diesel prices drop Greece: Enterprises to receive 200 mln euro boost Croatia needs five years to reach pre-crisis foreign investment levels 542 million BAM of taxes collected in BiH in June Right-Wing takes Tirana’s municipal council after 10 years Inflation is calming down, 2012 projected inflation rate is achievable Serbia's external debt went up EUR 58.4 million in April

Strategic military conference for partners

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The strategic military conference, held on 13-15 June, is organised by the Allied Transformation Command and it will be attended by chiefs of general staffs and representatives of NATO member states, the Partnership for Peace, Mediterranean Dialogue, the Istanbul Cooperation

Dacic to meet with Billstrom

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Ivica Dacic will meet with Swedish Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy Tobias Billstrom on 13 June at 15.00 at the Minister’s Cabinet, the Palace of Serbia, Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 2.

Ministry for Kosovo-Metohija condemns stoning of Serbs in Djakovica

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The Ministry for Kosovo-Metohija has condemned yesterday's attack on a convoy of Serbs who, escorted by the police, came to visit a cemetery in Djakovica and stated that it will request from the international authorities to provide freedom of movement for Serbs in the province.

Jeremic to visit Slovakia

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Vuk Jeremic will go on a bilateral visit to Slovakia on 13 June, where he will meet with Slovak President Ivan Gasparovic and Foreign Minister Mikulas Dzurinda.

EPS earns EUR 34.5 million from electricity sale

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The Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) earned EUR 34.5 million from electricity sale on the free market over the five months of 2011, director of the EPS Directorate for Electricity Trade Dragan Vlaisavljevic stated on Saturday.

Ciric to open second Yura factory in Serbia

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Minister of Economy and Regional Development Nebojsa Ciric will open the second factory of South Korean Yura Corporation in Serbia on 13 June at 13.00, in Donje Medjurovo, Nis.

IMF backs fiscal council's stance on decentralization motion

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Bogdan Lissovolik, International Monetary Fund resident representative for Serbia, warned on June 10 that adopting the United Regions of Serbia's proposal for the decentralization of the country entailed a bigger state budget deficit.

Several hundred people up for Anti-NATO protest

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The rally, held under the slogan "This is not a NATO state," was organized by Vojislav Kostunica's Democratic Party of Serbia, the Center for Strategic Alternatives, the Active Center civic organization and Slobodan Jovanovic Foundation.

Dacic: MUP as one of main factors of stability and security in Serbia

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Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dacic stated on Sunday that the Interior Ministry (MUP) and the police are one of the main factors of stability and security in Serbia.At the ceremony staged in the Educational Centre in Makis, near Belgrade, on the occasion of the Day of the

Japanese Garden opened in Vrnjacka Banja

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Vuk Jeremic and Japanese Ambassador to Serbia Toshio Tsunozaki opened yesterday a Japanese Garden in Vrnjacka Banja.

EC to launch preparations for drafting report on Serbia's progress

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The European Commission (EC) will lauch preparations for drafting the report on Serbia's progress on its EU path on June 15, which will have considerable influence when heads of states and governments of EU countries meet at the summit in December to decide whether to grant Serbia

Two individuals arrested over stoning of bus with Serbs

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The Kosovo Police Service (KPS) arrested, interrogated and released two Albanians for involvement in the stoning of a bus taking displaced Serbs from Kosovo to visit the cemetery in Djakovica, western Kosovo, on Saturday, one of the All Souls' Days according to the Orthodox

Photo exhibition “Culture road – Danube fortresses”

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Photo exhibition entitled “Road of culture – Danube fortresses has been opened in the Kalemegdan part in Belgrade, as part of the ministerial conference of south east European countries on the cultural heritage, hosted in Belgrade.

Bosniak Academy of Sciences founded in Novi Pazar

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A founding assembly of the Bosniak Academy of Sciences and Arts (BANU), which will have 21 members, was held in Novi Pazar on Thursday.

Jeremic: Belgrade is capital of regional cooperation

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The Annual Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Central European Initiative (CEI) began in Trieste (Italy) on Friday with the address of Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic, saying that the CEI countries again have the chance to herald a 'new beginning' in regional

EULEX forms working group to investigate human organ trafficking

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The EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) has formed a working group to investigate Council of Europe rapporteur Dick Marty's report on human organ trafficking and a part of the group will be stationed in Brussels, EULEX spokesperson Irina Gudeljevic told Tanjug Friday.

Celebration of Police Day, Interior Ministry Day

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The Ministry of the Interior will hold a celebration of Interior Ministry Day and Police Day on 12 June at 13.00, at the Makis training centre, Stari Obrenovacki Put 1a.

No new conditions to Serbia for EU accession

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Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Bozidar Djelic stated today that there will be no new conditions on Serbia's road towards the EU and expressed hope that our country will begin formal negotiations for EU membership in spring next year.

Key policy rate lowered to 12%

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The Executive Board’s best collective judgement is that the downward revision of the key policy rate is needed in order to stabilise inflation around the target in the medium term.

Next round of Belgrade-Pristina talks in late June

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Head of the Belgrade negotiating team with Pristina, Borislav Stefanovic has stated that it has been jointly decided to have the next round in Brussels in late instead of mid-June, in order to better prepare the elements of the final segment of the negotiations.

Church in Smodreza turned into public toilet again

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The Kosmet Strategic Network NGO, which gathers 70 Serb organizations of that type, has communicated that few days ago the church was broken into and turned into a public toilet and waste dump.

Malovic: Cooperation with FBI will continue

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Justice Minister Snezana Malovic, who is currently on a several-day visit to the United States, said that she had had very successful talks with representatives of the U.S. administration and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Djukic-Dejanovic meets with Babakov

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Babakov gave a detailed overview of the activities of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) and stressed the importance of the fact that the organization's meetings were attended by representatives of the Serbian parliament.

EC Report: Serbia takes steps to thwart fake asylums

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The European Commission has estimated that "Serbian authorities have taken a number of steps" to thwart the ungrounded asylum applications in EU countries, and urgent decisions are being made daily on the repatriation of persons who are staying in the EU illegally.

Bommel: SAA ratification already under way, debate in September

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Deputy Chairman of the Dutch parliament's European Affairs Committee Harry van Bommel said that the ratification of SAA is already under way, and that only technical issues are stalling the final decision.

New Leoni factory in Serbia - Signs of economic recovery

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A new factory of German car cable maker Leoni was opened Friday in Prokuplje, in the presence of Serbian President Boris Tadic and Leoni deputy director Helmut Zehnder. Leoni is Europe's biggest producer of automotive cables, with an annual turnover of EUR 3 billion and present

Djelic: Serbia should complete both tasks to become EU candidate country

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Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Bozidar Djelic is of the opinion that Serbia should complete its cooperation with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and fulfill its Action Plan before the December summit of the 27 EU member states in order to

Government adopts programme to revive large industrial centres

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 Minister of Economy and Regional Development Nebojsa Ciric said that the government at its meeting today adopted a programme on the revival of large industrial centres of special interest for the Republic in 2011 as well as a Decree on conditions and how to attract direct

Konuzin: Russia does not oppose Serbia's EU integration

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Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Konuzin stated that Russia does not oppose Serbia's EU integration, adding that Serbia's EU pathway will not harm the traditionally close relations between the two countries.Speaking about the proposal of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

Kosovo: Two companies qualify for the privatization of PTK

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Government Privatization Committee (GPC) of Post and Telecommunications of Kosovo J.S.C. (PTK), on accordance with the acts of the Parliament and the Government of Republic of Kosovo, has completed the pre-qualification process of companies interested in the privatization of


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