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E. coli outbreak: EU withdraws Egyptian seeds from the market and temporarily bans their import Free shares revive Serbian capital market Krkobabic opposes raising of pension age Special Olympics ending ceremony: Optimism, strength and humanity Agreement with Belgrade no interstate deal, opposition in Kosovo Catherine Ashton:We all want to see Kosovo move closer to the European Union Candidate status for Serbia in December realistic, Polish ambassador BiH foreign minister says Tadic's visit to Sarajevo is very important UK donates equipment to Serbian Interior Ministry Scholars of “Dositeja” fund to have training at Piraeus Bank Children from Kosovo bringing a 50-meter long flat to Novak Djokovic Tesla Bank’s goal to bolster economic relations between Serbia, Croatia Serbian FM: OSCE strategic partner in providing security in region Kosovo Government: Agreements contribute to better life for people Tahiri: Agreements for better life of people Samos: Infant born with lights from cell phones Increase in tourist arrivals on Rhodes and Dodecanese complex Greece: Deregulation of taxi sector effective as of July 2 Commission expects progress in Greek debt plan at July 11 Eurogroup meeting Lavrov: Russia, NATO differ on Libya resolution Romania 2011 Baccalaureate shocks nation as less than half students pass exam FYROM: Gasoline, diesel prices drop Greece: Enterprises to receive 200 mln euro boost Croatia needs five years to reach pre-crisis foreign investment levels 542 million BAM of taxes collected in BiH in June Right-Wing takes Tirana’s municipal council after 10 years Inflation is calming down, 2012 projected inflation rate is achievable Serbia's external debt went up EUR 58.4 million in April

Dacic to attend session of Council for integration of returnees on basis of Readmission Agreement

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 Ivica Dacic will attend a session of the Council for integration of returnees on the basis of the Agreement on readmission on 3 June at 10.00 at the main government building.

Krkobabic to chair session of returnee integration council

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Deputy Prime Minister Jovan Krkobabic will chair the session of the Council for the Integration of Returnees on the basis of the Readmission Agreement on 3 June at 10.00, at the government building, Nemanjina 11.

International competition in practical shooting

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An international competition in practical shooting “Open Delta Cup V Level III Belgrade” will begin on 3 June at 9.00 at the base of the Special Counterterrorist Unit (SAJ) in Batajnica.

Reduction of poverty, regional imbalance an absolute priority

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Serbian Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Bozidar Djelic today chaired a session of the new composition of the Sustainable Development Council at which he presented a report on the progress of implementation of the National Sustainable Development Strategy and

Serbia and Slovenia cooperate in the area of defence budget and finances

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A delegation of the Slovenian Defence Ministry is returning the visit to the Serbian Defence Ministry's Budget and Finances Sector with a view to continuing the cooperation in the area of defence budget and finances.

Jaeger: Inflation will start to drop in coming months

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Head of the International Monetary Fund's Mission in Serbia Albert Jaeger believes that inflation will start to drop in coming months, estimating that the current fluctuations in the exchange rate are normal and that the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) should only intervene if

Weapons factory workers protest at ammunition storage

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Workers of the Kragujevac weapons maker Zastava Oruzje entered the factory's central ammunition storage on Thursday, the 11th day of their strike, dissatisfied that the government has not addressed their problems.

Serbian government: Meeting farmers' demands would jeopardize budget

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The farmers are demanding subsidies for farms covering up to 100 hectares, while the government is only offering subsidies of RSD 14,000 (EUR 1 = RSD 97) per hectare for a maximum of 30 hectares.

Serbian government adopts several bills, decrees

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The Serbian government yesterday passed two Bills ratifying an agreement on the guarantee to Fiat Kompakt Automobili Srbija between Serbia and the European Investment Bank (EIB).

Border police given greater powers

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 Head of the Office for Media Relations Milivoje Mihajlovic said that the Serbian government at its session today adopted a Decree which thoroughly organises the manner of executing police authorisations by the border police and the duties of persons crossing the state

Sentic - First Serb in "Kosovo Diplomatic Corps"

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Kosovo premier's advisor for communities Srdjan Sentic will be the first high diplomatic representative of Kosovo from the Serb community, Koha Ditore reported.

KPS: Officials not allowed to visit without permission of Government

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 Kosovo Police Service (KPS) spokesman Baki Keljani has stated that Serbian Education Minister Zarko Obradovic and his associates were not allowed to enter Kosovo as they did not have the Kosovo government's permission, even though they said they were on private visits.

Ana Hrustanovic appointed Serbia's new ambassador to Italy

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Italian President Giorgio Napolitano accepted the appointment of Ana Hrustanovic as Serbia's ambassador to Rome, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated, according to ANSA.

Serbian and Russian Chiefs of Staff back intensification of cooperation

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Chief of Staff of the Serbian Army General Miloje Miletic and Chief of Staff of the Russian Army General Nikolai Makarov expressed mutual interest in Moscow with regard to intensification of military cooperation.

Mladic to appear before judge at 10 am today

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The Republika Srpska wartime general Ratko Mladic will appear before the Hague tribunal on June 3 to enter a plea to the charges for genocide and crimes against humanity against non-Serbs in Bosnia-Herzegovina from 1992 to 1995.

Jeremic at UN for investigation into human organs in Kosovo-Metohija today

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In a statement the Foreign Ministry said that Serbia asked the UN Security Council to adopt a decision to form an independent body to investigate allegations from the report of Special Rapporteur of the Council of Europe Dick Marty.

Dinar weakens against euro by 33 paras, exchange rate at RSD 97.1

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The dinar will weaken against the euro by 33 paras on Thursday, thus setting the official middle exchange rate at RSD 97.1085, the National Bank of Serbia released.

UPS: Vojvodina road blocks causing big business losses

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The Serbian Association of Employers (UPS) Thursday urged the government and farmers who have been blocking major regional roads in Vojvodina since Monday to come to a compromise soon, as private companies are losing hundreds of millions of dinars every day due to the block.

Statement of an IMF Mission at the Conclusion of an Article IV Consultation Mission to the "Republic of Kosovo" and Discussions on a Staff Monitored Program

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A mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), led by Mr. Johannes Wiegand, held discussions with the Kosovar authorities during May 17-30, 2011. The mission conducted the discussion for the 2011 Article IV Consultations and agreed with the authorities on a Staff Monitored

Protest wil be radicalized unless meeting is scheduled

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The union organization of the Zastava Oruzje (Zastava Arms) factory, whose employees have been on strike in the ammunition warehouse for the past nine days, announced the radicalization of the protest unless the date is set for the meeting with the Serbian government representatives

Surplus in trade with CEFTA countries USD 400 million

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Serbia recorded a USD 400.1 million surplus in trade with CEFTA countries in the first four months of 2011, mostly as a result of exporting agricultural products, showed the data from the state statistical office.

Soskic: Most important task for NBS is decreasing inflation

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Bringing the inflation rate down at the target level is currently the most important task of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS), but this does not rule out dealing with macroeconomic challenges both in the medium and in the long run, Governor of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS)

All of Vojvodina is blocked

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Farmers dissatisfied with the changes in government subsidies for the agricultural sector continued Wednesday to block major regional roads in Serbia's northern province of Vojvodina.

SPS officials not allowed to enter Kosovo

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Three Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) officials Zarko Obradovic, Branko Ruzic and Veljko Odalovic were not allowed to enter Kosovo on Wednesday at the Konculj administrative border crossing, even though they were on private visits.

Dacic: Separation in Kosovo as correction of borders between Serbia and Albania

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Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Ivica Dacic stated on Wednesday that Serbia did not manage to defend Kosovo in armed conflicts and that this is the reason why the country speaks about separation that implies a correction of the borders between Serbia and Albania.

Opening of “Applied Nostalgia” exhibition of photographs

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The exhibition of photographs of Belgrade and Budapest as part of the “Applied Nostalgia” project will be opened at 19:00 on 2 June in Dom omladine.

Conference “Corruption in Serbia – Citizens’ Experience”

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The results of an opinion poll on public services and public integrity, initiated by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime and conducted by the Statistics Office, will be presented.

Dacic to meet with FRONTEX Executive Director

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 Ivica Dacic will meet in Brussels with Executive Director of the EU agency for coordinating operational cooperation between the member states in the field of border security (FRONTEX) Ilkka Laitinen

Djelic to chair session of new convocation of Sustainable Development Council

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The Council will look at the progress of implementation of the National Sustainable Development Strategy and Action Plan 2010, Serbia’s activities at the international and regional level in the sustainable development remit, as well as plans and priorities in implementing

Stefanovic: Government unified on Kosovo

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 The chief of the Serbian government's team for talks with Pristina, Borislav Stefanovic, on June 1 said that politicians should not bring confusion into the issue of Kosovo and Metohija by making differing statements, and reiterated that the government's stand on this


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