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PM Berisha at NATO summit: Albania joins in NATO’s new strategic concept

21. November 2010. | 08:44

Source: Emg

PM Berisha in his speech delivered to the summit said Albania joins in the NATO’s new Strategic Concept, the most sweeping NATO reform, its role and mission in the 21-st century.

Leaders of NATO's 28 nations have begun discussions in Lisbon, Portugal today and approved the NATO’s new strategic concept.

Along with the heads of states and governments of the NATO member countries were invited senior EU officials like Mr. Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council and Mr. Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission.

PM Berisha in his speech delivered to the summit said Albania joins in the NATO’s new Strategic Concept, the most sweeping NATO reform, its role and mission in the 21-st century.

Further on, PM Berisha appreciated highly the NATO decisive role for prevention of genocide and promotion of peace and stability in the Balkans. And he also ensured the member countries that Albania will continuo to take part actively and support all the Alliance peace missions and also support NATO facing new security threats over the Euro-Atlantic space as well as over a wider area.

The prime minister emphasized that Albania considers the further enlargement of the Alliance with new members in the region like a quite important development for the security of our region and said that Albania is determined to make a contribution to the process.

The prime minister said that during the current year, Albania has a continuing commitment to Afghanistan and has put a new dimension in proportion to its potential to the alliance's military campaign there while it is working for a further increase of its presence.

We are determined to upgrade further our armed forces so that to be able to respond and take part in the NATO missions wherever the need arises, said PM Berisha.


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