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Djukic-Dejanovic says elections will be held next year

23. May 2011. | 07:54

Source: Tanjug

Parliament Speaker Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic has stated in Jagodina, central Serbia, she believes the parliamentary elections will be held next year.

Parliament Speaker Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic has stated in Jagodina, central Serbia, she believes the parliamentary elections will be held next year.

"The important thing is that this government's term has lasted almost, or will last exactly, four years, which is something no other government since 2001 has been able to do," Djukic-Dejanovic noted.

"This government managed to hold out, even though the times are hard, with the economic crisis and difficult social issues, but the government mustered the strength to overcome that difficult period in a way that did not cause such political turmoil as to threaten the parliamentary majority and start a political crisis in the country," she added.

Djukic-Dejanovic believes that "a team of serious, competent experts should already be in preparation to see if the Constitution has been proven wrong in some parts of life and whether and when it should be changed, so it would not obstruct the development of law and economy and the overall life in the country."

She told Palma Plus TV from Jagodina it was possible to have local elections before the parliamentary.

Serbia's goal is EU membership and important factors in the EU have never been more favourable for Serbia, she remarked.

Serbia's actions in EU integration are important, but the realization of the goal depends on relations within the EU just as much, she stressed.

"The path of Serbia and the countries of the Western Balkans towards the EU is truly uncertain and depends on relations inside the EU, although the Lisbon Treaty provided a certain dose of optimism to the parliaments and countries of the Western Balkans," she pointed out.


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