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Serbia needs 30 per cent university degree holders

15. November 2011. | 12:09

Source: Tanjug

Serbia's EU membership application would open access to EUR 17 billion worth of funds for lifelong education and additional training, Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Bozidar Djelic stated on Monday.

Serbia's EU membership application would open access to EUR 17 billion worth of funds for lifelong education and additional training, Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Bozidar Djelic stated on Monday.

During an educational scientific meeting dubbed 'Education for the Future' in Belgrade's Palace of Serbia, Djelic said that Serbia aims to have around 30 per cent university degree holders by the end of 2020, to ensure that three quarters of children aged 15 are functionally literate and that the percentage of dropouts is reduced to below 15 per cent.

In Serbia today, only 21 per cent of people aged 30-40 hold a college or university degree, and we aim to increase this figure to 30 per cent, the minister said and added that 56 per cent of the country's labour force holds a high school degree only, while a third of Serbia's population has completed primary school only or not even that.

In order to change the situation, Djelic believes that Serbia needs to obtain the EU candidate status and so achieve right to greater funds that would go into education.

Serbia currently allocates EUR 30 billion or 4.5 per cent of its GDP to the sector of education, and the candidate status and EU accession would allow the country to set aside as many as EUR 70 billion for this purpose.

The meeting in the Palace of Serbia was attended by Director of the British Council in Belgrade Tony O'Brien, who said that the society needs to be open and transparent so that countries could learn from one another and cooperate in the area of education.


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15. November 2011. 18:34:29

| Maria


Bill Clinton, George Soros and Sahit Muja will become a $ trillionaire
Serbia: Kosovo has 1 trillion dollar, ( 1000 billion dollars) in coal and mineral reserves .

The Serbian media has reported today that Kosovo has more than one trillion dollars worth of coal and minerals.
According to the Serbiam media reports, this huge natural wealth will benefit American companies .

Billionaire George Soros ans Albanian Billionaire Sahit Muja from New York is leading a group of Americans to get their hands on this trillion dollars natural wealth.

George Soros’s and Sahit Muja the President and CEO of Albanian Minerals in New York have been planning this takeover before the Kosovo war. Some other reports have indicated that members of the U.S government, including Bill Clinton will benefit from those natural resources.

Billionaire George Soros and his friends Albanian Billionaire Sahit Muja have been the largest monetary supporters of KLA(Kosovo Liberation Army) before the war had started.

Bill Clinton, Billionaire George Soros and his friends Albanian Billionaire Sahit Muja , have influenced U.S and European politicians to start a war against Serbia.

There are four investors who will take over one trillion dollars of natural wealth in Kosovo. Now is the pay day for Americans from the Albanian’s in Kosovo.

Billionaire George Soros and Albanian Billionaire Sahit Muja will be elevated to the richest man in the world after the deal in coal and other mineral’s is done.

Kosovo has one of the largest coal reserves in the world, it also has huge reserves of bauxite, copper, zinc, lead, gold, aluminum, chrome ore, magnesium and other minerals worth at least one trillion dollars.

15. November 2011. 18:34:29

| Milos


This is a vicious cycle. A country loses people when it has few jobs that match their talents. The money would be needed to educate or "recall" some of the Diaspora. The amount of people with degrees needs to be "proportional" to the economy, not an arbitrary percentage that reflects some other factor.

To be candid, the program should measure skills not education per se. Many in technology never completed diplomas or degrees because they focused on current passions and talents, not prescribed courses and certificates that "certify" levels of education. (Not everyone can go to Julliard School of Music, so some talent is being produced outside of curriculums and courses.)

Look at the U.S. - more people with degrees, fewer jobs that require degrees. Either people settle for less or companies bring jobs back.

16. November 2011. 09:14:14

| SerbNik


What cind of non sense is this? Serbia is one of the most educated countries in the world! And our education system is one of the best in Eastern Europe!

3/4 of 15 yearold functionaly literate? Is Djelic gone insane? Do we need to kill him even if we didn't kill Milosevic? 30% of people with university diplomas?

69% of Serbian people has higher education diplomas! That is one of the highest on this planet!

HANG THE BASTARD! We all know he and his boss are thives! He planes to destroy our education so he can have the 17 billion! KILL HIM! OUR KIDS CANT BE MASSACRED IN EDUCATION FOR ONE THUG TO PROFIT KIIIIIIIIIILLLL THE NAZI BASTARD!


30. April - 06. May 2012.