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Romania to hold BSECO chairmanship in office, as of Jan 1, 2011

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Romania will hold the Chairmanship in Office (CiO) of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSECO), for six months as of Jan 1, 2011, Romania's Foreign Ministry (MAE) press release informs.

EULEX: ndictment filed in major organized crime case

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Due to the cross-border nature of the organized criminal group, the investigation was conducted in co-operation with a number of police and prosecutorial counterparts from countries in the Balkans and Western Europe.

Recount of Kosovo votes expected to end by 4 January

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The slow pace of the recounting of votes process and the end-of-year festivities have led to further delays, reports Koha Ditore noting that the process is now expected to end by 3 or 4 January.

IPA funds for Kosovo blocked

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The absence of concrete projects is blocking funds that international community pledges for Kosovo, writes the paper. For instance, the fund provided by the EU‟s Pre-Accession Instrument (IPA) in the amount of 67 million Euros for this year has yet to be implemented.

Explosions in Sloboda in Cacak damaged 14 houses

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The explosions, caused by a fire which broke out at 4:25 p.m. on Dec. 27 in the munitions assembly plant, continued until the morning of Dec. 28. The fire in the factory was localized and has burned itself out.

Skundric: Govt introducing free forming of fuel prices

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On Dec. 29, the Serbian government will adopt a decision on the free forming of the prices of oil derivatives on the Serbian market, Serbian Minister for Energy Petar Skundric has announced.

MoD Sutanovac: State to assist reconstruction of Sloboda factory in Cacak

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Following a visit to Sloboda last night, Sutanovac stressed that the state and the local self-government will do all they can to re-establish production in all of the damaged facilities.

Sutanovac, Miletic to visit Kraljevo

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Minister of Defence Dragan Sutanovac and Serbian Army Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. Miloje Miletic will visit units of the Serbian Army in Kraljevo engaged in assisting victims of the earthquake.

Dacic, Karamarko to meet

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Ivica Dacic and his Croatian counterpart Tomislav Karamarko will meet at 13.00 on 29 December at the Batrovci border crossing.

Press conference on results of negotiations on lease of Israeli satellite

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Political Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Borko Stefanovic will hold a press conference to present the results of negotiations on the lease of an Israeli satellite.

Serbia liberalizes import of petroleum products

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The Serbian government decided Wednesday to allow free import of petroleum and its products starting from January 1, 2011, as well as to allow the market to dictate the prices, Minister of Mining and Energy Petar Skundric has stated.

Parliament adopts 2011 budget

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The Serbian parliament adopted the 2011 budget Wednesday, providing for revenues of RSD 724 billion, expenditures of 845 billion, and a deficit of 120 billion (EUR 1 = RSD 105.8).Along with the budget for next year, the MPs approved the 2011 financial plans of the Republic Fund

Belgrade 2020 project to focus on budget in 2011

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The project that aims to get Belgrade the title of the 2020 European Capital of Culture will be promoted in Europe in 2011, but it will also be discussed extensively in Belgrade itself, chairman of the organizational committee Aleksandar Pekovic has announced.

Pakaj: New French investments in Serbia in 2011

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The Paris office of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce is in talks with potential investors that plan to enter the Serbian market in 2011 and 2012, head of the Paris office Vesna Pekaj told Tanjug on Tuesday.

Minic: Serbia - Ukraine trade to grow 25% to 30% in 2011

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The trade between Serbia and Ukraine totaled USD 450 million in 2010, head of the Kiev office of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Predrag Minic told Tanjug on Tuesday, adding that an increase of 25 to 30 percent can be expected in 2011.

Fund for Young Talents presents Dositej Plaque to new student generation

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During the 2010/2011 academic year, the Fund will give grants to 323 final year undergraduate students and students of the second and third degree at EU universities, at the European Free Trade Association and at leading world universities.

Grants to winners of “Women in Science” national programme

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Over 140 young female scientists, currently attending doctorate or post-doctorate studies in Serbia, applied for the programme, which is the largest number of applications of highly-qualified candidates in Europe.

"Vital" is giving 1,3 billion dinars as a loan guarantee to "Invej"

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Zemun based "Invej" is one of the largest domestic holding companies which is compound of colorful group of companies: Factory of Home Care 'Albus', a manufacturer of stoves "Milan", Oil factories "Vital" and "Sunce", Pastry factory "Medela", a

"Simpo" is planning export activities worth more than 42 million euros in 2011

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Simpo's CEO, Sladjan Disic, announced that the company has ambitious business goals, particularly in terms of export growth, in the coming 2011.

Cvetkovic: Kraljevo to get prefab houses by October 2011

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The November 3 earthquake that scored 5.4 on the Richter scale left two persons dead and 180 wounded, while around 16.000 facilities have been reported as damaged.The Serbian government so far allocated RSD 1 billion (EUR 1 = RSD 106) for the purpose.

Government did not reach agreement with Zastava Automobili

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State Secretary with the Ministry of Economy Nebojsa Ciric stated on Monday evening that the ministry has not reached an agreement with representatives of Zastava Automobili.


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