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EU ministers recommend status for Serbia, Romania still conditioning

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Of the 27 member states, 26, including Germany, were in favor of giving the green light to Serbia. Surprisingly, Romania took a tough position over the issue of the Vlach minority in Serbia.Tadic qualified as unjustified the remarks put forward by Romania. Serbia and Romania

“Green Serbia” conference

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A “Green Serbia” conference will be held on 29 February at 10.00 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning.

Ugljanin to participate in Kolovrat conference

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Minister without Portfolio Sulejman Ugljanin will participate in the conference "Day of Kolovrat business zone" on 29 February, at 11.00, at the Balkan hotel, Prizrenska 2.

Malovic to participate in debate "Human rights, new criminal legislation and new penal policy"

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Minister of Justice Snezana Malovic will address participants of the debate "Human rights, a new criminal legislation and a new penal policy", on 29 February, at 11.00, in the National Bank of Serbia, Nemanjina 17, in Belgrade.

Markovic to attend conference on developing e-administration in Serbia

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Minister of Human and Minority Rights, Public Administration and Local Self-Government Milan Markovic will speak at a conference “Developing electronic administration in Serbia” on 29 February at 11.00, at the Kontinental Hotel, Vladimira Popovica 10.

Mihajlovic: Most Vlachs do not consider Romania motherland

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Miletic Mihajlovic, Serbian MP and vice chairman of the Vlach National Council, said that most Vlachs in Serbia do not see Romania as their motherland, nor do they consider themselves part of the Romanian nation.

Tadic: Candidacy uncertain until EU Summit

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Serbian President Boris Tadic has said that the EU's Council of Ministers "has only recommended" making Serbia a candidate for membership in the EU and that "there is still the possibility that even this recommendation might be revoked."

Vlach community divided, Romanian stance unsuprising

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Activists in eastern Serbia are divided regarding the identity and origins of Vlachs and their community in Serbia, several of whom claim that they are not surprised by Romania's stance that approving Serbia's EU candidacy should hinge on whether or not the state provides additional

De Marnhac visits Brnjak and Jarinje crossings

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Head of EULEX Xavier de Marnhac visited Tuesday the crossings of Brnjak and Jarinje (Gates 1 and 31) in order to assess the conditions on the ground, EULEX released in a statement, adding that despite the fact that the situation has improved recently, the Mission still lacks

Dinar up 0.2 percent, EUR 1 = RSD 110.18

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The Serbian dinar is up 0.2 percent on Wednesday after a several-day sharp decline, and the official middle exchange rate stands at RSD 110.1866 for one euro, the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) has released in a statement.

Economy likes stable, predictable exchange rate

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 The weakening of the Serbian dinar against the euro favors export-oriented enterprises, which should be the foundation of the Serbian economy, but a rapid decline of the domestic currency should not be allowed to happen, since it would make it difficult for firms to plan

Kosovo appears with asterisk for first time

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Kosovo appeared represented with an asterisk and footnote in an official document of the European Union (EU) Tuesday for the first time since Belgrade and Pristina reached the agreement on regional representation of Kosovo.

Refugee, IDP social inclusion projects receive €2.6m

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Minister of Labour and Social Policy Rasim Ljajic and Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Vincent Degert delivered non-repayable aid of €2.6 million to representatives of 25 municipalities for projects of social inclusion of refugees and IDPs, part of an EU funded programme.

Japan's assistance to Serbia in past decade reaches €460m

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Japanese Ambassador to Serbia Toshio Tsunozaki said that the Japanese government is satisfied with the way Serbia is using the help provided by the Japanese official development assistance during the past decade.

Macau and Serbia abolish visas

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Representatives of the Republic of Serbia and the Chinese Special Administrative Region of Macau signed Tuesday an agreement on mutual abolishment of travel visas, China Radio International has reported.

Netherlands ratifies SAA between EU and Serbia

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The Netherlands ratified the SAA between the EU, its members and the Republic of Serbia on February 27, says the statement posted on the embassy website.

Ciric not expecting Serbia's credit rating to be lowered

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Economy Minister Nebojsa Ciric said that he was not expecting Serbia's credit rating to be lowered because of the "freezing" of the arrangement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).


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