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Serbia's candidacy decision on Thursday night

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European Union leaders will decide about Serbia's candidate status on Thursday night, during a working dinner on the first day of the Council of the EU's session in Brussels, it is said in Council President Herman van Rompuy's invitation to participants of the summit.

Local, parliamentary elections at the same time

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Serbian Parliament Speaker Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic reiterated on Wednesday during a session of the Serbian parliament Committee on Kosovo-Metohija that the local elections would be called on March 13, at the same time the Serbian president is due to call parliamentary elections.

Ciric: Mass production of Fiat 500 L in Kragujevac starts in April

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The Minister said that the Kragujevac factory Fiat Automobili Serbia, which is a joint venture of the Serbian government and Italian Fiat, has a capacity of 200,000 vehicles annually, and potentially even up to 300,000.

Conference “Good practice and partnership – key to efficient, quality and just education”

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Zarko Obradovic and Vincent Degert will open a two-day conference “Good practice and partnership – key to efficient, quality and just education” on 1 March at 10.30, at the Sava Centre, Milentija Popovica 9.

Kalanovic to attend opening of Grah Automotive new production plant

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Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Regional Development Verica Kalanovic will attend on 1 March the official opening of a new production plant of Grah Automotive in Batocina.

Serbian government to hold session, press conference

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The Serbian government will hold a session on 1 March at 13.00 at the main government building, Nemanjina 11.

Protest of Serbs in Gracanica

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Several hundred Serbs have protested in Gracanica, near Pristina, over the last week’s arrest of Serbs in Gnjilane, in eastern Kosmet, and the violence of the Kosovo police against Serb civilians during the arresting action.

Parliament adopts 27 laws and other acts

07:28 | broj komentara 0 | Tanjug

The Serbian parliament adopted Wednesday a total of 27 laws that confirm international agreements and treaties, including those by which Serbia guarantees loans totaling EUR 1.3 billion to several public enterprises.

International Theatre Festival SLAVIJA,March 9-17

07:29 | broj komentara 0 | Tanjug

 The 11th edition of the International Theatre Festival SLAVIJA 2012 will be held at the Slavija Theatre in Belgrade on March 9-17.

Jeremic: Investigation under UNSC to reveal truth

07:37 | broj komentara 0 | Tanjug

Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic said Wednesday at the nineteenth regular session of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council that an investigation into organ trafficking is conducted under the mandate of the UN Security Council (UNSC) and cautioned about serious violations

Kovacica to get art institute and encyclopedia

07:38 | broj komentara 0 | Tanjug

 Kovacica, a small town in the Banat region in northeastern Serbia, populated mostly by Slovaks and known from the United States to Japan for its naive painting, should soon get an institute for studying local art, and an encyclopedia entitled Slovak naive art in Serbia.

No reason to panic over dinar weakening

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Governor of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) Dejan Soskic said Wednesday that there was no reason for "any kind of panic" over the weakening of the value of the Srbian dinar.

Protocol on Russian loan in ten days

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 Talks on the Russian USD 800 million loan for the Serbian railway have been completed in Moscow, and the protocol should be signed in the next ten days, whereas the final agreement on the loan will be signed in the fall, State Secretary at the Serbian Finance Ministry

Industrial output down 2.7 percent in January

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Serbia's industrial output in January was 2.7 percent lower than in January 2011, with a 16 percent drop against the 2011 average, the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia (RZS) stated on Wednesday.

Miric: Serbia sure to get around EUR 200 million

07:53 | broj komentara 0 | Tanjug

 Deputy Director and Coordinator for EU Funds of the Serbian Office for European Integration Ognjen Miric stated Wednesday that once it gets the EU candidate status, Serbia can count on around EUR 200 million from the funds, adding that an increase may be expected as part

Telenor Serbia reports financial results for Q4 2011

08:07 | broj komentara 0 | Tanjug

Telenor Serbia’s fourth quarter revenues totaled RSD 9.712 billion, which represents 4.4% increase compared to the same period in 2010. The SIM market share is above 35% and at the end of the quarter the subscription base was 4% higher than at the end of last year reaching 3.

Dinar resumes its slide against euro

12:36 | broj komentara 0 | Tanjug

The Serbian dinar will on Thursday, after one day of growth, drop by 0.4 percent and set the official middle exchange rate at RSD 110.5837 per the euro, which will be the domestic currency's new historic low, the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) has said in a release.

Brnjak open for all traffic, Jarinje still not

12:38 | broj komentara 0 | Tanjug

EULEX spokesperson Irina Gudeljevic stated on Wednesday evening that the Jarinje administrative crossing in north Kosovo is for now open only for passenger and non-commercial traffic, while the Brnjak administrative checkpoint also allows the flow of commercial goods.

European leaders examine draft conclusions

21:19 23:03 | broj komentara 0 | Tanjug, Beta

  Although the EU leaders at the summit in Brussels have not yet made an official decision, a formulation to award EU candidacy to Serbia has been added to draft conclusions, which will be published on March 2.

Serbia and Romania sign protocol on minorities

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Serbia and Romania signed Thursday in Brussels a protocol on the status of minorities in both countries, Romanian national news agency Agerpres reported, citing diplomatic sources.

Agreement on the Candidate status by the European Union.

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Following the compromise sealed in the deal concluded between Belgrade and Pristina in which the status of representation of Kosovo in International relations was settled the countries that objected to the Serbian candidature waved their objections.


27. February - 04. March 2012.