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Euro-Arab conference in Milan to support SME

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The second Euro-Arab Conference that will be held on Monday and Tuesday in Milan in support of small and medium-size enterprise aims to deepen relations between governments, institutions and economic players in European Union and Arab League countries.

New Delhi: Flying car takes to the air

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Once its wings are unfolded – with a span of 28 feet and six inches – it can fly at 115mph and consumes five gallons of fuel an hour.

Azerbaijan Press Council to host Turkish journalists

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According to the Council, the event will bring together Turkish journalists of Radikal, Hurriyet, Hurriyyet Daily News, Todays Zaman, Zaman and Star papers, as well as members of the executive board of the Council, and heads of the country`s mass media.

Commission recommends access to basic and affordable bank accounts for all citizens

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Access to a bank account has become a pre-condition for participating fully in the economic and social life of a modern society and the use of cash is rapidly decreasing. In today's world, not having access to a basic bank account makes everyday life difficult and more expensive.


18. July - 24. July 2011.