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Albanian President meets with Ambassadors

22. May 2011. | 09:16

Source: Alsat

President Topi, the US Ambassador, the EU Ambassador and the OSCE Ambassador made an appeal for preserving calmness.

The voters’ will was clear on May 8 and every attempt to deviate it outside the directives of the Electoral Code is dangerous and punishable. It was President Bamir Topi, who in the name of the three ambassadors with the greatest influence in the country, gave a message to the political class in this tense post-electoral situation.

According to him, the parties took the responsibility for what is happening since April 21, 2008, when they changed the composition formula for CEC in the Constitution.

“Regardless of the institution composition, if this is done with the parties’ representation, the obligation is not only related to the political party. This is a constitutional, legal and moral obligation before all citizens, who have expressed their will in a correct way. This way, we want to have a correct final result of the electoral process, which is concluded the way the law foresees, in total compliance with the legal standards. We are not in the epoch where law did not exist. We are living in the epoch of law, and law is obligatory for everyone; without prejudicing anyone who has an inclination toward one political party,” said Topi.

President Topi, the US Ambassador, the EU Ambassador and the OSCE Ambassador made an appeal for preserving calmness.

“They should return to their civil responsibility and treat things as required by the Constitution and the law; they should agree in a civic way and they should not create tensions. We ask everyone to give messages for calmness. We ask everyone to avoid tensions,” said Topi.

Alexander Arvizu, Eugen Wollfarth and Ettore Sequi stayed in the Presidency for nearly 75 minutes. The three ambassadors have intensified the meetings with the political leaders after the situation got tense, while waiting the result for Tirana.


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