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International Radio Serbia: 76 years of tradition

International Radio Serbia’s anniversary reception

08. March 2012. | 08:37

Source: Emg.rs, Radio Serbia

On the occasion of March 8, Day of International Radio Serbia, director Milorad Vujović has organized a reception for ministry and media officials and other eminent guests.

On the occasion of March 8, Day of International Radio Serbia, director Milorad Vujović has organized a reception for ministry and media officials and other eminent guests. He introduced them to the work of our media house, its future projects and plans and to the new Internet portal of our radio. He emphasized that the state undoubtedly needes such a media and added he expected a status solution to be found soon.

International Radio Serbia: 76 years of tradition

“The International Radio Serbia is one of the oldest media of its kind in the world, predating the Voice of America. Through more than 12 hours of daily program in 12 languages, we attempt to cover the full spectrum of events in Serbia and about Serbia, while the feedback from our listeners affirms our belief that we are successful in doing it”, director and editor-in-chief Milorad Vujovic has pointed at the press conference on the occasion of the 76th anniversary of our radio. He has expressed expectation that the public interest for the need of our broadcasts to abroad will be defined in the law on public information. The press was also acquainted with the new website of the station. More in the report of Suzana Mitic.

Radio Yugoslavia was founded on 8 March 1936 in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. During the Second World War the broadcasts were going from Moscow, and later from the Ural, under the name Free Yugoslavia. As of 2006, when Montenegro decided to leave the State Union, the founding rights were transferred to the Serbian Government, and we have been using the name International Radio Serbia. Program is broadcasted on short waves, via satellite and internet, presented in audio, written and video formats. We are doing what is possible in the given circumstances, not only to preserve the best traditions of our house, but also to keep up with the times, which is maybe best illustrated in the motto “Where you cannot hear and find us, it must be the end of the world”, says director and editor-in-chief Milorad Vujovic.

“The fact that we create and distribute our information in Serbian and 11 foreign languages – aimed at the foreign public and our Diaspora, means the obligation to provide information on the widest scope of events, i.e. current political, economic and social happenings, but at the same time to pay full attention in our programs to the national traditions, customs, cultural heritage, natural beauties and landmarks, tourism and ecology”, emphasized Vujovic.

He has also pointed to many projects and features of our radio – “Step closer to business”, “On the agenda”, “Europe and us” and the interactive map entitled “Beautiful Serbia”, which is presented in Serbian and several foreign languages, to take the visitors of our website on a tour of significant destinations, cultural monuments, heritage and natural beauties and landmarks in all parts of Serbia. Also in preparation is the project “From the folk treasury of Kosovo and Metohija”, which will present the rich heritage of Serb sanctities that stand as a testimony of our historical, cultural and spiritual presence over eight centuries long, underlined Vujovic. Special attention, in line with the current social circumstances, is paid to the process of European integrations. But despite all that, the status of the International Radio Serbia is not adequately regulated.

“I wish to stress on this occasion that after last year’s adoption of the Strategy of developing the public information system, we expect the law regulating this filed to define the public interest for the need and purpose of our program to abroad, and in accordance with that, to make new regulations for the status of our house in the envisaged time”, emphasized Vujovic.

The press conference has also seen the presentation of the new internet portal of the International Radio Serbia, with latest design and program solutions, and whose start coincides with the 15th anniversary since the introduction of internet to our radio. The new website is o the same address www.glassrbije.org , and its features are informative value, simplicity and modern outlook, it has been concluded at the press conference.


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