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Number of victims in Egypt rises to 74, government resigns

29. January 2011. | 15:47

Source: Emg, Tanjug, Stratfor

Egyptian government officially resigned, and the army invited citizens not to gather in groups and to respect the curfew, introduced due to several days long mass demonstrations against Egyptian President Hisni Mubarak. According to the last data of an unconfirmed source, death toll 74.

Egyptian government officially resigned, and the army invited citizens not to gather in groups and to respect the curfew, introduced due to several days long mass demonstrations against Egyptian President Hisni Mubarak. According to the last data of an unconfirmed source, death toll 74.

Armed forced announced that against those who do not respect the curfew a “legal procedure” will be initiated, Egyptian national television reports.

Several thousand demonstrators gathered in central Cairo, demanding from President Hosni Mubarak to resign his position, and on the fifth day of demonstration death toll is 74. Obama invited Mubarak to refrain from violence.

Protest participants gathered on the Tahrir Square (Liberation Square) chanting "Go away, go away" and "Peaceful, peaceful," in full view of troops, which are positioned around the city, in order to prevent a rebellion, Reuters reports.

British agency reports also that the police fired shots near demonstrators gathered in side streets leading to this square, but that it is not clear if the rounds were live.

In order to prevent theft, the army is guarding the Museum of Egypt in the very centre of the capital, in which a large number of antiquities are kept, including the content of the tomb of Tutankhamen and his golden burial mask.

During previous protests, some of the biggest clashes happened in squares and streets close to this museum, and according to certain reports, thefts from the government building were recorded.

AFR reported that 20 persons died in clashes of protesters and the police on Friday, and around 1,000 persons were arrested since the protests started.

In addition to that, Al Jazeera television says its correspondent from Alexandria had seen more than 20 bodies in the city.

Mubarak went on television on Friday night, for the first time since the protests started, announcing he fired the cabinet and that the new one is to be formed on Saturday, but making clear that the violent acts of demonstrators will not be tolerated.

In the meantime, US, Great Britain, Australia, Sweden and Japan warned their citizens not to travel to Egypt unless necessary.

Serbian Ambassador to Egypt Dejan Vasiljevic stated for Tanjug that no Serbian citizens were injured, and that around 120 Serbian tourists are to return to Belgrade in Monday January 31.

There are no Serbian tourists in Cairo, only in Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh, and they are safe, as there are no demonstrations in that part of the country.

Serbian Embassy is in contact with Serbian tourists and with around 100 Serbian citizens, mostly living in Egypt’s capital, none of which stated they want to leave Cairo so far.

Serbian Embassy staff and their family members are safe, as both the embassy and residence are situated in a part of Cairo where none of Egyptian governmental institutions are.

Obama invited Mubarak to refrain from violence

American President Barak Obama invited his Egyptian counterpart Hosni Mubarak to refrain from violence toward the protesters and tale steps to strengthen rights in Egypt.

Obama presented these suggestion on television, soon after a half-hour telephone conversation with Mubarak, Ap reports.

“Though days are ahead, surely, but USA will continue promoting the rights of Egyptian people and work with their government to create a future which is more just, free and full of hope”, Obama said.

American president underscored that USA and Egypt work together closely, but he added that USA “let them know clearly that some political, social and economic reforms must be made, to answer the strivings of Egyptian people”.

Obama also repeated requests previously stated by the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, appealing to Egyptian government to re-enable access to Internet and the social networks.


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