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More Croatians believe in God than in government when it comes to country´s salvation

21. March 2011. | 15:23

Source: Croatian Times

Almost a fifth of Croatians believe that only God can solve the current economic and social situation in their country, which is more than those who put their faith into the government.

Almost a fifth of Croatians believe that only God can solve the current economic and social situation in their country, which is more than those who put their faith into the government.

The phone survey conducted by agency Mediana Fides for Croatian daily Jutarnji List shows that Croatians have little faith in their politicians when it comes to getting the country out of its current crisis. Some 15.3 per cent think the government capable, while only 4.6 per cent believe in the opposition.

Some 11.8 per cent of those surveyed are in favour of the European Union as the most likely problem solver, while 19 per cent believe the answer is God.

The majority or 32.7 per cent of the surveyed however believe the citizens are the most powerful engine of change, the daily writes.

The vast majority of the Croatian citizens or 58.3 per cent would like the parliamentary elections to be held as soon as possible regardless of whether the European Union negotiations are brought to an end by June.

Some 16.6 per cent are willing to give the current governing coalition a few more months of power or until September, when the tourist season begins to wind down. The majority, the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) would favour this scenario, the daily writes.

Some 14 per cent are for voting in December, while 11.2 per cent would allow the government to finish its mandate and prefer elections towarda the end of the legal period or in February 2012.

When it comes to the parties’ popularity, the liberal Social Democratic Party (SDP) is the winner with 26.7 per cent support amongst those surveyed, while HDZ is in second place with 15.1 per cent.

There are many of those who favour neither of the parties – almost 19 per cent did not want to give their preference, while 15.9 per cent is undecided.


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21. March - 27. March 2011.