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Qatar recognizes Kosovo, formalization of procedures is expected

11. September 2010. | 07:24

Source: Koha Ditore

Koha Ditore reports that the recognition of Kosovo independence by Qatar is a closed issue – now only the formalization of the decision is expected.

Koha Ditore reports that the recognition of Kosovo independence by Qatar is a closed issue – now only the formalization of the decision is expected.

This has been confirmed to Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi by the highest authorities of Qatar, says a press communiqué issued by the Prime Minister’s Press Office.

“We recognize and respect the will of the people of Kosovo. Our invitation for you and in today’s meeting is the expression of our will to recognize Kosovo and to mark the beginning of a special chapter in the relations between our friendly countries”, said Prince Al Thani in the meeting with Prime Minister Thaçi.

Kosovo is expecting support from Arab League countries
Several dailies report that Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu and Foreign Affairs Minister Skënder Hyseni on Tuesday in the UN building in New York have put a presentation before all the ambassadors of the countries of the Arab League at the UN, concerning the achievements of Kosovo since the declaration of independence, announced the Presidency Press Office.

President Sejdiu repeated the request that the countries of the Arab League reject the draft resolution that Serbia has presented to the UN General Assembly.

“Serbia itself requested the opinion of International Court of Justice about the legality of the declaration of independence of Kosovo, while now it presents a resolution which is permanently inconsistent with the opinion of this court.

The ICJ strongly enforced what we have said continuously: That the declaration of independence of Kosovo is not in opposition to international law, or the resolution 1244, but is the expression of the will of the people of Kosovo, which was an equal constitutional unit of the former Yugoslav Federation, which was dissolved exactly because of bloody wars which were caused by Serb policy”, emphasized Sejdiu.


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