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Kraljevo: 546 objects not safe for living

06. November 2010. | 14:39

Source: Tanjug

At the Emergency situation in Kraljevo agency meeting late on Friday evening it was stated that 546 out of 1,900 object that were inspected is classified as unsafe.

At the Emergency situation in Kraljevo agency meeting late on Friday evening it was stated that 546 out of 1,900 object that were inspected is classified as unsafe.

Out of 546 building, eight apartment buildings are classified as “in the state of breaking,” which means that a possibility of further usage and living in them is excluded, Commission for Damage Estimation Coordinator Branko Radomirovic said. Until now, more than 5,000 requests for object damage estimation were submitted.

A special team inspected school objects in the city and surrounding municipalities, and preliminary estimation is that most objects are stabile and will be usable after minor interventions.

It was also determined that hospital building, Poliklinika, is in pretty good state, and Health Center Director dr Dragan Arsic announced that general practice and specialist institutions operating will start‘ normalizing as of Monday.

In children’s resort in mount Goc 38 people are temporarily accommodated, and one family in village Drakcici decided to stay in a tent. Most citizens whose houses and apartments are not fit for usage decided to stay with friends and relatives.

On Thursday, 56,000 pieces of tiles from buffer stocks were distributed throughout the territory of 10 municipalities, with the help of local municipal offices. It is estimated that a total of tiles required will be around a million.

Definite estimation of tap water propriety will be made on Sunday after 10 p.m. when all the microbiological analyses are finished. According to the Institute of Public Health Director dr Aleksandar Macan, the water is already chemically proper, but for safety reasons it is better to wait for microbiological results.

It was also announced that 100 experts will come from 22 institutes of public health from all over Serbia on Monday to check the water in local water lines and wells.

The forthcoming weekend will be very busy in Kraljevo area. On Saturday, army and police members, enforced with workers from mine in Baljevac at Ibar and from company “Univerzal” will be helping locals in villages to clean up the remains of their homes and to rebuild them.


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