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Serbs offer KFOR plan for transit in Kosovo's North

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In a meeting with KFOR commanders on Oct. 26, representatives of four Serb municipalities in northern Kosovo proposed to clear for traffic "one lane on certain roads" to enable the supply of international forces at the administrative checkpoints Brnjak and Jarinje.

Williamson has constructive meetings in Belgrade

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 After his visit to Belgrade, the chief prosecutor of the EU's special team for investigating claims about organ trafficking in Kosovo, John Clint Williamson, is encouraged by the Serbian authorities' resolve to fully cooperate in the investigation.

Serbia Montenegro's most important trade partner

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Montenegro's total trade in the first eight months of this year was EUR1.69 billion, or 16.5 percent more than in the same period last year, announced Monstat.

Levy: Serbia host to some 60 companies from Israel

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Around 60 companies from Israel operate in Serbia and total Israeli investment has added up to more than EUR1 billion, mainly in real estate, the Israeli ambassador to Serbia, Yossef Levy, stated on Oct. 25.

Gudeljevic: EULEX helps implementation of stamps agreement

11:42 | broj komentara 0 | Tanjug

EULEX spokesperson Irina Gudeljevic said Tuesday EULEX would continue to assist in the implementation of the agreement on customs stamps and called for an immediate removal of roadblocks in northern Kosovo. Customs activities are conducted by EULEX experts, but with the presence

Tachi: Best solution for North is Ahtisaari Plan

11:44 | broj komentara 0 | Tanjug

Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Tachi has expressed expectation that the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina will continue since it is very important, adding that he believes that the best solution for north Kosovo is the Ahtisaari Plan.

Redzepi: Government to launch North Kosovo action

11:45 | broj komentara 0 | Tanjug

Kosovo's Minister of Interior Bajram Redzepi stated that the Kosovo government is planning to launch actions in northern Kosovo, adding that this was also requested by the opposition Self-Determination Movement.

Police works on preventing violence at sport events

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Director of Police of the Ministry of the Interior Milorad Veljovic opened the conference "Together to Victory" dedicated to the activities of the police aimed at preventing violence at sport events.

Donation of state-of-the-art equipment for cervical cancer detection

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Minister of Health Zoran Stankovic said yesterday  that a donation of US company Hologic and its distributor for Serbia TimCo to the Hospital of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at the Clinical Centre of Serbia is a major contribution in implementing the national programme "Serbia

World Bank approves loan for Grabovnica – Grdelica section of Corridor 10

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The World Bank will approve a loan for the Grabovnica – Grdelica section of the Corridor 10 next week, and within ten days for the beginning of the construction of the Vladicin Han – Donji Neredovac section.

Belgrade to host Third Oil Forum

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The Energy Community of South East Europe, which chose Belgrade for the permanent host of this event, will organize the two-day summit with the support of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy.

Finland ratified SAA with Serbia

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Finland has ratified the Stabilization and Association Agreement with Serbia, so the number of countries that have done that has grown to 21, reports the portal EurActive Serbia.

Bogdanovic: Parliament about Kosmet on November 2

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Serbian Minister of Kosmet Goran Bogdanovic has stated he expects the Serbian Assembly to have a session dedicated to the crisis in northern Kosmet on November 2.

Distribution of free shares in Telekom postponed

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Although Director of the Privatization Agency Vladislav Cvetkovic announced in mid-September that free shares in Telekom would be distributed in early November, that is not going to happen, Blic daily learns.

KFOR passes through opened lane in Zupce

12:10 | broj komentara 0 | Tanjug

Members of the KFOR Liaison and Monitoring Team (LMT) passed a little after 9 am on Thursday through the barricade in the village of Zupce, Zubin Potok municipality, where one lane was opened this morning for the passage of KFOR troops, as was envisaged by the decision of municipal

Tadic: Serbian identity in KiM must be preserved

12:15 | broj komentara 0 | Emg.rs, Tanjug

Serbian President Boris Tadic Wednesday called on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to do everything it can to prevent any attempt to make the unquestionably Serbian culture monuments in Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) “Kosovar.”

Most Serb cemeteries in Kosovo in poor shape

12:19 | broj komentara 1 | Tanjug

Serbian Orthodox cemeteries in Kosovo are in poor shape, the mission of the Organisation for Security and Co-Operation in Europe (OSCE) in Kosovo-Metohija stated, adding that a majority of municipal administrations pay no attention to maintenance and preservation of the graveyards.

Topi receives Albanians from Presevo Valley

12:22 | broj komentara 0 | Tanjug

Albanian President Bamir Topi expressed unwavering support to the basic rights of ethnic Albanians living in the Presevo Valley, southern Serbia, and backed their equal participation in political, social and institutional life of Serbia.

Protocol signed with Baden-Wuerttemberg

12:24 | broj komentara 0 | Tanjug

Serbia's Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European integration Bozidar Djelic said the cooperation protocol between Serbia and Baden-Wuerttemberg, which was signed Wednesday in Stuttgart, is a chance to attract major investments from the German federal state.

Slow economic recovery and high unemployment rate

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Slow economic recovery, high unemployment rate and revised GDP growth rate from three to two percent, are crucial characteristics of doing business in Serbia in 2011, President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) Milos Bugarin stated Wednesday.

Increasingly fewer trade companies in Serbia

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Since the beginning of 2011, 694 companies engaged in trade have been established in Serbia, and in the same period 2,274 trade companies were closed, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) stated Wednesday.

PM Cvetkovic: MPs to debate govt.'s report on KiM on November 2

18:51 | broj komentara 0 | Emg.rs, Tanjug

Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic said Thursday that he would propose November 2 as the date to hold the Serbian parliment session on the governemnt's report on the situation in Kosovo-Metohija (KiM).


24. October - 30. October 2011.