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President Ivanov sends letter to NATO Heads of State

19. February 2012. | 10:49

Source: MIA

Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov in the eve of the NATO Summit in Chicago sent a letter to NATO Heads of State asking for support for the Republic of Macedonia’s NATO membership, because as he said, it is an opportunity the injustice from Bucharest to be repaired.

Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov in the eve of the NATO Summit in Chicago sent a letter to NATO Heads of State asking for support for the Republic of Macedonia’s NATO membership, because as he said, it is an opportunity the injustice from Bucharest to be repaired.

- Our expectations from the Chicago Summit are clear and reasonable. We expect member-states to reach a consensus for effectuating the delayed invitation to the Republic of Macedonia for NATO membership under the provisional reference used in the UN. We have the right, and our citizens expect this, and in Chicago the injustice from Bucharest can be repaired, President Ivanov said in a letter sent Saturday to NATO Heads of State.

In the eve of the NATO Summit in Chicago, I have the honor to address you and ask for your support for the Republic of Macedonia’s NATO membership. I am writing this letter following the most recent developments in the case of the Republic of Macedonia’s NATO membership application, which have arisen after the judgment of the International Court of Justice - ICJ of December 5th, 2011, Ivanov said.

- The ICJ judgment rules that Greece has violated its commitments undertaken by the 1995 Interim Accord, by opposing the Republic of Macedonia’s NATO accession at the Bucharest Summit in 2008 under the provisional reference determined by the United Nations. Despite the unanimous conclusion of all member-states that the Republic of Macedonia fulfills all membership criteria, due to opposition from Greece, the Bucharest conclusion was adopted, in the form we all know. Having in mind that the ICJ judgment is binding, Greece should refrain from further blocking of the Euro-Atlantic integration of the Republic of Macedonia. Further attempts by Greece to block our membership conditioned with one bilateral issue - solving the name issue as a precondition for NATO membership, would be a failure to respect the ICJ judgment and another violation of the Interim Accord and the international law. We expect responsible behavior from our neighbor, Ivanov said in the letter.

- I would like to underline that the Greek claims that the Republic of Macedonia breached the Interim Accord and failed to negotiate in good faith were rejected as ungrounded by the ICJ which found that the Republic of Macedonia has never breached the principle of good-neighborly relations with Greece. Furthermore, I would like to emphasize that the Republic of Macedonia remains strongly committed to finding mutually acceptable solution to the difference over the name. I assure you that we will continue to participate in the talks under the UN auspices in good-faith and constructively as we have always done, he said.

Ivanov said that the judgment provides a new, legal dimension and warrants a new approach from all NATO member-states. In light of the judgment, we expect NATO member-states to reconsider their positions with respect to Macedonia’s NATO membership; more precisely we expect the Bucharest conclusion to be reconsidered in Chicago, Ivanov underlined.

- The Republic of Macedonia continues to contribute in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan, being one of the largest per capita contributors, sharing the vision of a free and democratic world, as well as the risks, side by side with the member-states peacekeepers. Given that the Republic of Macedonia continuously maintains its compatibility with the NATO standards, I believe that the conclusion at the Chicago Summit will take in consideration this, as well as the new situation with the judgment.

I am convinced that your support of our NATO membership would contribute in creating positive climate for moving the status quo and encouraging the Greek leadership to abide to the ICJ judgment, he said.

- I strongly believe that everyone would benefit from Macedonia’s NATO membership. NATO, as an organization, would further spread and strengthen the zone of security, stability and democracy in the South-East of Europe. It would encourage, not only the Republic of Macedonia, but all countries in our region to continue on the path of reforms. But, above all, Greece would benefit by gaining another NATO member-state at its northern border. NATO membership has always provided favorable preconditions for overcoming bilateral differences between member states. It would be much easier for Macedonia and Greece, as interdependent NATO partners and allies, to reach mutually acceptable solution to their difference, Ivanov said.

- The support of your country in this regard will be greatly appreciated and would contribute to promoting peace and stability in our region, President Ivanov said in the letter.


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19. February 2012. 23:22:04

| Ime


Mr. Ivanovo, Resolve the name of your country first then reapply for NATO membership. You can't Retrofit history to suit your present.

20. February 2012. 08:18:17

| Ime


To the "Mr Ivanovo" comentator;
There is nothing to resolve!
Macedonians are Macedonians and who the Hell are you to dictate to them how call themselves?

21. February 2012. 04:27:45

| Ime


To the 2nd commentor...where did you see anything about anyone dictating what to call yourself? The pressing issue is a mutual agreement to the the name of the country, which is the original and only reason the accord was created.


21. May - 27. May 2012.