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No videos of Mladic's arrival in ICTY custody

01. June 2011. | 13:44

Source: Emg.rs, Tanjug

The videos made by AP, Reuters and AFP, and the Dutch national television show a helicopter landing in the Scheveningen yard, but no one came out of it, so it is not clear which way Mladic was taken to the detention unit.

ICTY Spokesman Frederick Swinnen confirmed to Tanjug late Tuesday that Ratko Mladic is in the detention unit in Scheveningen, but no one among the numerous reporters was able to see Mladic's arrival in the ICTY.

The videos made by AP, Reuters and AFP, and the Dutch national television
show a helicopter landing in the Scheveningen yard, but no one came out of it, so it is not clear which way Mladic was taken to the detention unit.

The second helicopter was circling the Scheveningen detention unit all along.

Two helicopters arrived from the Rotterdam airport, at which Mladic was transferred from Belgrade by the Serbian government's airplane.

The helicopters appeared above Scheveningen at 9.25 p.m., and after their take off, hundreds of journalists, TV crews and photographers watched the videos of the landing wondering what had actually happened.

Tanjug's reporter reached the prosecutor's spokesperson about ten minutes later, who confirmed that Mladic was in the detention unit.

Swinnen did not tell Tanjug how Mladic got there, but instead announced a statement by the prosecutor's office and a news conference at noon the next day, which should clear all the details.

Two groups of Bosnian refugees showed up among the reporters outside the ICTY prison.

The first group, Bosnian Muslims, brought out the current Bosnian flag and then the wartime flag of the Bosnian Muslims. They said they were there to express joy over Mladic's arrival in The Hague.

Some 20 metres away, the other group, consisting of Bosnian Serbs, presented Serbian flags and said they wished to protest Mladic's extradition.

One of the reporters, who is from the former Yugoslavia judging by his language, stated: "It they do not start fighting, the war is finally over."

There was no fight.


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