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IMF mission to discuss new arrangement with Serbia as of Thursday Nisville jazz festival ends Djelic: Dialogue with Pristina to be continued on September 2 Buehler: I cannot stop construction of bridge over Sitnica Lasta bus prevented from entering Kosovo More than 200,000 tons of sugar this year EBRD supports further development of agribusiness in Serbia Qantas reveals plans to expand fleet with A320 Family UK Investment fund credit line for Bor copper company Contract of Hydro power plants on Velika Morava Three international companies interested for Hydro power plants on upper Drina river DSS leader says referendum on Kosovo and EU would be counter-Constitutional Kosovo Minister: Kosovo customs stamps only Stefanovic: Stamps without statehood insignia Global oil prices and Russia’s economy ICTY to resume work after summer recess Sonja McGurk: Macedonia feels global crisis effects PM Boc: Chinese ministers working on technical details for 5 major investment projects Romania proposed Pegasus Airlines launches flights from Skopje airport Libyan leader Gaddafi mobilizes supporters for battle Greek government urges business community to support country's economy FYROM: Gasoline, diesel prices drop Croatia: Bad loans grow to 4.6 billion Euros 100,000 Serbian tourists expected this year in Croatia Online application for poll registration for Bulgarians abroad Google to buy Motorola Mobility Serbia's public debt totals 41,3 per cent of GDP at end of July Montenegrin prime minister and opposition reach agreement on Serbian language issue "Get to know the state of Serbia" Novikov: Vojvodina Brussels office to start on Oct.10

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Krkobabic to meet Arboleda, representatives of refugee associations

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Deputy Prime Minister Jovan Krkobabic will talk with Head of the UNHCR Office to Serbia Eduardo Arboleda and representatives of the association and coalition of refugee associations Milojko Budimir, Jovan Kablar, Miodrag Linta and Branko Lubovac on 20 June at 9.00, at the government

Presentation of Felix Romuliana's restored eastern gate

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The project "Restoration and conservation of the eastern gate of archaeological site Romuliana" was financed by Germany, the Ministry of Culture, Media and Information Society, the National Museum in Zajecar and the city of Zajecar.

EBRD Directors visit Serbia

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A delegation from the EBRD Board of Directors is visiting Serbia 20-23rd June 2011. The trip forms part of a regular series of consultations that enable the EBRD Directors to obtain up-to-date information on developments in countries of operation.

The NBS to publish infomation on the indicative exchange rate of the dinar

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By 6 pm of each business day, the NBS will also publish information on the official middle exchange rate of the dinar against the euro, to be applied from 8 am on the following business day.

Serbia-China Business Forum to be held in Belgrade

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The Serbia-China Business Forum will take place at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) in Belgrade Monday, and will be opened by PKS President Milos Bugarin, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Secretary-general Wang Yufu, Serbian Ambassador in

Serbia-China strategic partnership

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China is Serbia's most significant business partner in Asia, and the overall relations between the two countries were raised to the highest level by establishing a strategic partnership, President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS) Milos Bugarin stated Monday.

Vacuum in EU integration process - opportunity for non-European elements

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Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic estimated Monday in Belgrade that if a kind of vacuum is created regarding the EU integration process of the Western Balkans, the void will be gradually filled by certain non-European elements in geopolitical sense.

Croatia Airline starts flights between Belgrade and Dubrovnik

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Croatia Airlines started Monday its first direct flights between Belgrade and Dubrovnik, with planes scheduled to fly between the two cities Mondays and Fridays.

FAA ordered Chicago-Belgrade flight to be cancelled

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Swift Air airline released that it decided to cancel the flight from Chicago to Belgrade via Zagreb on Saturday because it received a last-moment information from the U.S. air traffic authorities regarding specific requirements for pilot training.

Petrovic: Export of flowers may become Serbia’s brand

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Following the opening of the 17th “Rose Festival” Dusan Petrovic said that trade volume in this branch currently stands at €4 million, but Serbia can do much better, the Minister noted, adding that in the first four months of 2011 flower export was four times

Bogdanovic: Forming of Greater Albania would destabilize whole region

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The Serbian government opposes forming any unreal countries and a creation of a “Greater Albania” would harm not only Serbs, but also other neighboring nations and destabilize the entire region, Serbian Minister for Kosovo and Metohija (KiM) Goran Bogdanovic has


20. June - 26. June 2011.