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Attempt to remove flag from Serbian Embassy in Brussels

18. October 2010. | 08:23

Source: Beta

Around 20 mostly young people waving Albanian and Kosovan flags assembled in front of the Serbian embassy in Brussels on Oct. 16, where they made several attempts to remove the Serbian national flag.

Around 20 mostly young people waving Albanian and Kosovan flags assembled in front of the Serbian embassy in Brussels on Oct. 16, where they made several attempts to remove the Serbian national flag.

The incident occurred at around 3.30 p.m., while the crowd dispersed after hearing police sirens, BETA learned from sources close to the embassy.

According to BETA's source, several persons climbed over the fence at the front of the Serbian embassy, banged on the embassy door, and tried to take the flag down.

Embassy personnel called the police, and the ethnic Albanians fled after hearing police sirens, BETA's source said, adding that no damage was done to the embassy.

Two Kosovan flags and seven to eight Albanian flags were spotted in the crowd. Some of the attackers were wearing ski masks.


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18. October 2010. 15:11:51

| Ime


the albanians had ski mask on there face oh no its ivan the serbian that burned the albanian flag we dont wear masked too burn ur flag oh buy the way who killed the french fan in belgrade? let me quees it was the albanians huh you serbs make me laugh europe you are a joke also u make a good couple with the serbs same tree u guys come from!

21. October 2010. 09:41:40

| Ime


Thousands died in Albania during the earthquake, a tragic time. Yugoslavia the Balkans, such an important area that people like Tito understood was a joining together of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, the Russian Orthodox Church and other faiths living together in peace. before the troubles Yugoslavia was ranked in the top five by FIFA. Teams like Red Star and Partisan Belgrade were World Class. People lived together in peace showing the World that People of different faiths could live together, bringing hope to other regions around the World. The Eternal Flame was bright in it's unity. The Olympic Games in Sarajevo brought the World to Yugoslavia in peace. I hope what has taken place since, is never repeated ever again and that the wounds and pain heal, for the good of all. People in the region are not better off for what has taken place and the only way forward is for the Eternal Flame of unity to be relite and the people to become one again, Yugoslavia. For the ethnic groups that form Yugoslavia to not allow others with an agenda to disrupt peace.


22. November - 28. November 2010.