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Tadic: Serbia determined to curb violence

18. October 2010. | 08:21

Source: Tanjug

Serbia is a stable and safe country, determined to curb violence, Serbian President Boris Tadic said in an interview to the Sunday issue of the Politika daily.

 Serbia is a stable and safe country, determined to curb violence, Serbian President Boris Tadic said in an interview to the Sunday issue of the Politika daily.

Serbia has the capacity to fight violence, and this view is shared by the Serbian National Security Council, he said emphasizing that the country will not be governed by hooligans.

Not for a moment should one forget that organized crime uses extreme football fan groups to destabilize the state which sends mafia bosses into prison, Tadic said.

In this fight, Serbia will prevail, he added.

He also explained that it is clear which groups have maintained ties in the past 20 years and that organized crime has connections with violent supporter groups and extreme political organizations.

According to Tadic, Serbia has only started the reform of its judiciary system during the term of the present government, and is only now acquiring the tools for fighting organized crime.

In this, the state has to follow a certain order of activities, focusing first on organized crime bosses and then on violent football supporter groups and extreme political organizations, he said.

Everybody will have their turn, he said.

Only one year ago, the biggest organized crime bosses were walking freely in Serbia's streets. Now they are serving long term prison sentences and their property is being seized, Tadic noted.

The recent riots in Belgrade streets during last Sunday's Pride Parade and hooligans' riots during a Serbia - Italy football match in Genoa, were a response of organized crime and violent groups to the establishment of the rule of law in Serbia, Tadic noted.


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