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“Protecting the Euro: Strengthening the Protection of the Euro in the Financial Sector”

23. November 2010. | 07:04

Source: Emg.rs

On 17–18 November 2010, the NBS hosted the seminar “Protecting the Euro: Strengthening the Protection of the Euro in the Financial Sector”.

On 17–18 November 2010, the NBS hosted the seminar “Protecting the Euro: Strengthening the Protection of the Euro in the Financial Sector”.

The seminar was held under the auspices of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), as part of its “Pericles programme” aimed at strengthening the protection of euro banknotes and coins against counterfeiting in Europe and worldwide.

Tailored to suit the needs of staff in financial institutions who handle cash on an everyday basis, the seminar was attended by representatives of banks, Ministry of Interior, public company “Putevi Srbije”, Association of Exchange Offices and representatives of central banks of Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The seminar was jointly opened by NBS Vice-Governor Ana Gligorijević and OLAF representative Luca Pierini.

Lecturers from the European Central Bank, De Nederlandsche Bank and the Royal Dutch Mint presented the characteristics of original and counterfeit euro banknotes and coins and the ways to recognise them.

A section of the seminar was dedicated to the dinar. Instructors from the NBS presented the security features of original dinar banknotes, valid regulations on anti-counterfeiting efforts in Serbia and changes the NBS plans to implement in future.

At the end of the seminar, participants received attendance certificates. The organisers hope that participants will share the knowledge gained with colleagues in their respective institutions and thus contribute to improved cash handling practices across the region.


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