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Greek “indignados” shaping a new political scene

05. June 2011. | 09:51

Source: Pioneer-Investors.com

Author: Damtsas Spyros Dr.

Greek “indignados” despite differences on ways of action may trigger early elections and end up overthrowing the government. A new personnel is needed and it will not take so long to emerge if the political turmoil continues and the deadlock in the economy persists.

Constitution Square in Athens is situated in front of the parliament. Apart the evident symbolism rich in events from Greek history related to the overthrown of Monarchy, the Square participates in a greater domino of protests against the regime beginning in Tahrir in Cairo and going to the Puerta del Sol in Madrid.

It is actually Spain that initiated this movement of resistance in Europe. Greece has equally a very rich history in social reactions mobilized by left parties and trade union forces.

These protests were always ending in violence a fact that leaded to the argument that since violence was the unavoidable ingredient of all protests state power was not the only beneficial part of the catastrophic outcome. Inaction was favored.

After so many years of inefficient protests and disproportioned violence the “indignados” movement initiated a new way of reaction and gathering of people. Non violent in its way of protest, resourceful in its methods of reaching people, democratic on its functioning it succeeded to attract masses beyond any expectation.

These exceptional ingredients of the new movement left both governments and traditional activists perplexed. Not only it was something out of their control but far away of their way of thinking. Both were basing their actions and reactions to a media game where communication strategies were more important than principles and ideas let alone national or people's interests.

Confusion by the emergence of the indignados movement came because the movement was the media itself. It was supposed to be autonomous to all media and to create its own logic of communication based primarily on participation. One had only to switch off the screen and go out to the street to meet everybody.

A real society in its great variety was on the square. A parallel parliament was set where discussions are held every evening and voting procedures on a democratically established agenda are taking place from 9pm to midnight each day.

Organized groups from all political spectrum are trying to influence the Popular Assembly of Syntagma Square. They could eventually succeed altering the non violent-democratic advantage of the movement that attracted the masses. If this is lost the momentum will not vanish because it sealed by the popular responsiveness it produced the possibility of a real democratic alternative.

In some minor violent incidences against the governing parties PMs all media tried to associate the indignados movement thus defusing its real power. Still the indignados have to protect their non violence advantage. They should know by now that their real and only power is the massive popular support they still benefit.

Political developments are already triggered in the country since the renewed support from the Creditors is associated to an unsustainable conditionality which leaves the country to an unending recession. The present government is hold responsible for the fact that it was incapable to negotiate any viable adjustment of the economy in its course to redress macroeconomic balances.

Taxes and cuts have been its only politics from the beginning and it seems that not meeting its ends this will lead to a terrifying free fall for the whole Greek society. The indignados movement just helped people to express how this governement lost popular support. So election sooner than later will come as a general demand.

The real problem is, however, that through the indignados movement it became clearer how the whole political system have lost credibility. Politicians and journalists from major media are crying out the dangers for a de-legitimation of the democratic representational system.

In our view the only thing is in danger is the present political personnel which certainly lost legitimation by appropriating the state and partly the economy for its own interest. A new personnel is needed and it will not take so long to emerge if the political turmoil continues and the deadlock in the economy persists.

A part from Spain and in a lesser degree Portugal and Italy there is not significant solidarity from other countries of the European Union. Promises of recovery especially in France hold the movement down but still it is normal that participation in political reaction flourishes in countries where the real problems are too big to escape consciousness.


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