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Rama: Repeat elections in Tirana

04. July 2011. | 10:16

Source: Alsat

The Socialist Party (SP) ends its two-year boycott in parliament. In the next session, which begins in autumn, the Socialist deputies will sit in their places in parliament.

The Socialist Party (SP) ends its two-year boycott in parliament. In the next session, which begins in autumn, the Socialist deputies will sit in their places in parliament.

The news was published by the head of the Socialists, Edi Rama, for the members of the Assembly, as a part of a new political attitude, which will serve the victory of the general elections in 2013.

“The new parliamentary season will be the session of the legal initiatives in order to confirm in parliament our solemn commitment. We have made this promise to the citizens, and while we will confirm this while we are in opposition, and when we will come in power, we will realize it,” said Rama.

Rama also said that regardless of this decision, the unclosed elections in Tirana are still in the focus of attention for the opposition. For the first time he talked about the repetition of elections, by telling that he is willing to be voted again by the citizens of Tirana.

“Let us not be reminded self-denial, by damaging the citizens of Tirana, who should decide through new elections the winner of these elections, which were destroyed by the barbarian violence. We are ready to face again the citizens of Tirana, who should give their judgment through the vote,” said Rama.

Rama also said that two groups will work for the organization of the new reform and the new political program. He informed about an intensive communication with the citizens and the creation of new allies, from which he excluded what he defined as the old politics.

“We do not need allies with the old politics, but new allies with every interest group and with every citizen that needs to become part of a new history for himself, for the community and for the country,” said Rama.

On the following days, the branches of the Socialist Party will undergo a process of analyses, and on November 5, they will summon the Electoral Congress.


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