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Victory Day to be marked

08. May 2011. | 08:05

Source: Emg.rs

Victory Day, 9 May, which is a national holiday, will be marked in Serbia by a series of events.

Victory Day, 9 May, which is a national holiday, will be marked in Serbia by a series of events.

On 8 May at 18.00 artillery will fire a volley from the Belgrade Fort.

On 9 May at 10.00 wreaths will be laid at the cemetery of the Liberators of Belgrade in World War Two by representatives from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Ministry of Defence, the City of Belgrade and embassies of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Azerbaijan.

At 11.00 wreaths will also be laid at the monument to Soviet Veterans on Mt Avala.

Serbian diplomatic representatives will lay wreaths at the Serbian military memorials from World War Two on the territory of Albania, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Great Britain, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Italy, Hungary, Macedonia, Germany, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Croatia, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Spain and other countries.


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09. May - 15. May 2011.