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Albania: More than 1 million officers to guarantee the May 8 electoral process

07. May 2011. | 12:54 13:11

Source: Alsat, AP, Stamfordadvocate

Director of the Police Directorate of Tirana, Saimir Mucaj published the measures that have been taken to guarantee the May 8 electoral process. In a special press conference, Mucaj said that 11 electoral incidents have been registered in Tirana, and he assured the normal proceeding of the process and of the concluding electoral meetings.

Director of the Police Directorate of Tirana, Saimir Mucaj published the measures that have been taken to guarantee the May 8 electoral process. In a special press conference, Mucaj said that 11 electoral incidents have been registered in Tirana, and he assured the normal proceeding of the process and of the concluding electoral meetings.

“We should emphasize the fact that during the time we are referring to, the Police of Tirana has registered 11 incidents during the electoral campaign, which have mainly consisted in damaging or tearing the posters, property damaging, offenses, threats etc,” said Mucaj.

He said for the media that nearly 1724 police officers have been trained to carry their duty during the electoral process, and 1069 will be in charge of security.

“Implementing the order of the Director of the General Police Directorate, 497 police officers have been assigned in the implementing role and 10 police officers of the leading level will commit to electoral duties, from which: 280 police officers will be set in the district of Elbasan; 115 police officers will be set in the district of Fier; 112 police officers will be set in the district of Berat. For the implementation of the legal responsibilities, a final list of 1069 police officers was sent to the General Directorate of Police. They will be in charge of preserving order and safety in 878 voting centers and 16 Zonal Central Commissions; they will also accompany the commissioners and the electoral materials from the voting centers to the counting center,” said Mucaj.

The head of the Police of Tirana added that every police officer will have his uniform, and they will apply the decisions of the Voting Centers Commission to provide help in cases of incidents

AP: Amid high tension, Albania holds local elections

Less than four months after opposition anger over contested national elections triggered deadly clashes with police, Albanians vote for local authorities on Sunday — at the close of a campaign marred by bombings and political violence.

Half a dozen candidates have suffered beatings or had their cars or homes targeted in explosions, the latest of which injured an opposition candidate on Thursday, and about 400 international observes will be monitoring Sunday's voting.

Political rivalry in the small Balkan country of 4.2 million is intense, and four opposition Socialist supporters were shot dead when a mass demonstration turned violent in late January. Prime Minister Sali Berisha has repeatedly rejected opposition calls for his governing Democrats to resign over claims of corruption and vote-rigging in the 2009 general elections.

The main focus of the local elections will be the capital Tirana, site of the deadly protest, where Socialist leader and three-times mayor Edi Rama, is running for re-election against former Interior Minister Lulzim Basha. About 3.2 million people are registered to vote for representatives in a total 383 urban and rural districts.

The two main parties' candidates differ little in their platforms, generally pledging to fight poverty and unemployment, improve infrastructure and services, lower municipal taxes and build schools and health centers.

No independent opinion polls were available, but both main parties released forecasts that highly favored their own chances.

It is unclear whether the vote will help restore political tranquility to the former isolationist Communist country, which remains one of Europe's poorest and has enjoyed little political clean sailing over the past 20 years of democratic government.

Aleksander Cipa, editor-in-chief of Shqip daily newspaper, is pessimistic.

"A solution of the political crisis will not come with these local elections," Cipa said. "The opposition could ratchet up the political fight, accelerating efforts for fresh elections."

Rama's Socialists have done little but fight over the past two years — boycotting parliament, going on hunger strike and staging rolling street protests in major cities that came to a head with January's killings. Since then, both main parties have cooled their rhetoric and agreed to tone down political demonstrations. But the uneasy truce has failed to ease passions among the party rank and file.

"The drop in use of harsh language from the leadership did not pass down to the lower levels of the political structures," says independent analyst Skender Minxhozi.

In addition to the three bombings, police have reported several politically motivated stabbings, beatings, and threats around the country, that have led to about a dozen arrests during the monthlong electoral campaign.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which is monitoring Sunday's vote, has appealed for calm.

"(Albanians should) cast the ballots calmly and peacefully and therefore also contribute in rendering tribute to democracy," OSCE Ambassador Eugen Wollfarth said.

The first preliminary results are expected Monday, according to central electoral authorities.


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