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EULEX statement on Council of Europe report into human organ trafficking

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EULEX has the capacity, the expertise, the location and the jurisdiction to handle the judicial follow up. We are ready, willing and able to assume that responsibility. As an initial technical step, EULEX prosecutors have opened a preliminary investigation.

Miletic takes part in Euro-Atlantic partnership military committee meeting in Brussels

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Chief-of-staff of the Serbian Armed Forces Miloje Miletic took part in a meeting of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Military Committee in Brussels on Wednesday which stressed the necessity for greater participation of the partner countries in the process of harmonization and decision

Round table on EC Framework Programme for Competitiveness and Innovation

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 Dragijana Radonjic-Petrovic and  Vida Dzagic will open a round table discussion  at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Resavska 13-15.

Dacic to attend conference occasioned by European Data Protection Day

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Ivica Dacic will speak at a conference on the occasion of European Data Protection Day at the National Bank of Serbia.

Warlick to deliver donation to Department of Emergency Situations

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The US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) will donate to the Department for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of the Interior equipment to respond in the event of chemical, radiological, biological and nuclear accidents.

Around 1,500 schools in Serbia set to go on strike Friday

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Some 1,500 primary and secondary schools in Serbia will go on strike Friday, while a number of others are going to cut their classes 15 minutes short and hold 30-minute lessons, all in response to the government's refusal to raise teacher salaries.

Koha Ditore:Thaci, difficult to form ruling coalition

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The paper writes that PDK leader Hashim Thaçi will not have an easy time in finding partners for the new ruling coalition. Vetëvendosje, with 12.55% of the votes, has categorically refused any prospect of a coalition with PDK.

36 polling stations in Kosovska Mitrovica to be recounted

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Central Elections Commission has decided to recount ballots from 36 polling stations out of the total of 126 in Mitrovica as during the initial counting they found irregularities in the revote process.

Koha Ditore: BBC in Albanian to be closed

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The BBC World Service has informed on Tuesday that it will close the services in five languages – Macedonian, Portuguese for Africa, Serbian and Albanian and the English service for the Caribbean region.

Marty: EULEX powerless, create ad hoc judicial structure

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Council of Europe rapporteur Dick Marty said that EULEX, in its current incarnation, is powerless to investigate organ trafficking and that an ad hoc structure, which would be located outside of Kosovo, should be created specially for the purpose.

PACE: Serbia is one of state late in implementing judgments

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Serbia and a number of other European states have major problems in implementing judgments of the European Court of Human Rights, the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) has stated.

Jeremic: African countries should back dialog, investigation

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Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic in Addis Ababa on Jan. 27 called on African countries to back the dialog between Belgrade and Pristina and for a full, independent investigation of allegations of human organ trafficking in Kosovo.

Academic response to Dick Marty's allegations .

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As a new state Kosova needs all the help it can get from the international community to convince its ethnic minorities that they have a future together. Marty’s report will cause unnecessary anguish among ethnic groups in Kosova, especially among the Serbs who have historically

Kosmet : North remains source of illegal economy .

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According to authorities, the state budget loses over EUR 30 million every year from that part of the country. However, experts claim that this number reaches over EUR 100 million. The 30 million is lost as a result of the current situation at Points 1 and 31 in the north, where

Serbian ministries of economy and finance accuse each other of poor performance

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State Secretary at the Serbian Finance Ministry Slobodan Ilic and Minister of Economy and Regional Development Mladjan Dinkic voiced sharp criticisms against each other on Wednesday and Thursday, accusing each other of various oversights and poor performance.

New location chosen for industrial zone of Fiat component producers

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Serbian Minister of Economy and Regional Development Mladjan Dinkic stated Thursday that a new location in the vicinity of Kragujevac (central Serbia) has been chosen for the project of industrial zone for Fiat component producers, instead of the initially planned Korman polje

Agreement signed on construction of Gorenje factory in Zajecar

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Mladjan Dinkic signed an agreement with the Slovenian company Gorenje on Thursday on the construction of a new Gorenje factory in Zajecar (eastern Serbia), which will employ 300 people and the initial investment of which totals about EUR 2.9 million.

Buzek gives no credit to CoE Report

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European Parliament (EP) President Jerzy Buzek stated after the meeting with Serbian parliament speaker Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic in Brussels on Wednesday that the EP wants to wait for concrete evidence from the Council of Europe (CoE) regarding the allegations about organ trafficking

Tomica Milosavljevic resigns

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Milosavljevic told journalists at the special press conference that he has already advised the Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic about the resignation. Minister of Health Tomica Milosavljevic stated that he resigned for “deeply personal reasons.”


24. January - 30. January 2011.