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Fresenius Medical Care haemodialysis hospital opens in Nis

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State Secretary of Health Nevena Karanovic, German Ambassador to Serbia Wolfram Maas and Nis Mayor Milos Simonovic opened a Fresenius Medical Care special hospital for haemodialysis in Nis.

Signing of contracts on allocation of funds for direct investments with companies Radijator, Pompea

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Regional Development Mladjan Dinkic will visit Zrenjanin on 9 February, where he will sign contracts on allocation of funds for direct investments with companies Radijator and Pompea.

Tadic meets with representatives of Serbs from region

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Serbian President Boris Tadic and representatives of Serb organizations from the region's countries agreed on Tuesday in Belgrade that Serbs in the region must enjoy the same level of protection of their rights as ethnic communities in Serbia.

New healthcare union to go on strike February 10

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The new healthcare union of Serbia (NSZS) will organize a warning strike on Thursday, February 10, at 11:30 a.m. in front of the Ministry of Health, union leader Zivorad Mrkic announced at a news conference Tuesday.

Bogdanovic, Sannino confer on situation in Kosovo

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Serbian Minister for Kosovo-Metohija Goran Bogdanovic conferred Tuesday with Deputy Director-General of the Directorate-General for External Relations of the EU Stefano Sannino on Serbia's position on the issue of Kosovo-Metohija and the current situation in the province.

Serbia signs energy agreement with Slovakia

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Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy Petar Skundric and Slovak Minister of Economy Juraj Miskov signed Tuesday a special agreement on bilateral cooperation in energy and mining, which includes the construction of a gas network from Aleksandrovac via Novi Pazar to Tutin.

Bajec: Bigger than planned salary raises destabilize economy

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Economic adviser to the Serbian Prime Minister Jurij Bajec said Tuesday that raising pensions and public sector salaries more than is planned by the 2011 budget would lead the country into economic instability.

Lissovolik: Structural reforms have no alternative

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If Serbia wants its economy to become competitive and prosperous within the European Union (EU), there is no alternative to politically painful structural reforms, Permanent Representative of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Serbia Bogdan Lissovolik stated on Tuesday.

EU to donate EUR 1.3 million for plant protection

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The EU will use EUR 1.3 million to finance a twinning project meant to improve the protection of plants and human health in Serbia by controlling the products for plant protection, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Adriano Matrins said Tuesday.

Italy Serbia's chief export destination, Russia accounts for biggest part of import

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Serbia's chief export partner in 2010 was Italy, where USD 1.2 billion of goods were exported, while Russia tops the list when it comes to import, with USD 2.16 billion of merchandise, according to the data from the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia.

IFC interested in public-private partnerships in Serbia

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A delegation of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), which is a member of the World Bank Group, stated Tuesday the IFC was willing to support the development of Serbia's infrastructure through public-private partnerships (PPP).

Serbia, Indonesia to foster military cooperation

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Serbian Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac and Indonesian Ambassador to Belgrade Samuel Samson expressed Tuesday their commitment to fostering cooperation between the defense ministries and armies of the two countries.

State audit institution criminal reports to name ministers

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The State Audit Institution will file 12 criminal reports against 14 persons in ministries who violated regulations governing the use of the 2009 budget.

Dacic: Belgrade, Pristina to discuss all open issues,ASAP

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Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Ivica Dacic has stated that Serbia is ready to start talks with Pristina on all open issues as soon as possible, including the IDs and the Serbian registration plates with the initials of Kosovo cities which are not recognized

Montenegro, Serbia soon to sign agreement on scientific-technical cooperation

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Montenegro and Serbia will sign an agreement on scientific and technical cooperation, as the draft of the agreement has been harmonized, the Montenegrin government has released.

Gudeljevic: EULEX is capable of investigation and witness protection

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EULEX is capable of carrying out an investigation into the organ trafficking allegations from the report of Council of Europe rapporteur Dick Marty, and of efficiently protecting the witnesses, EULEX spokesperson Irina Gudeljevic has stated.

Good cooperation between Serbian, US security services

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Ivica Dacic stated that the cooperation between the Serbian and American security services has been commended in talks with US officials in Washington.

EU to fund health improvement project with €1.3m

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State Secretary of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Mirjana Milosevic stated today that as part of the EU accession process, Serbia is under obligation to harmonise domestic legislature with that of the EU.

Lecture on EU's commitment to northern Kosovo

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The lecture focused on the Treaty of Lisbon and its effects on EU enlargement, parituclarly in the Western Balkans. A series of lectures on EU and its role in Western Balkans, in particular regarding Kosovo, by officials from EU institutions, is also planned as part of forthcoming

Behind the news: EULEX's dynamic duo

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Blerim Krasniqi and Irina Gudeljevic serve as the EULEX Albanian and Serbian spokespersons respectively. It is their duty to be out there in the trenches every day, managing the Mission’s relations with the media and the public in general.

Dinkic: Government should be much more efficient

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Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister Mladjan Dinkic has stated that the Serbian government should be much better and more efficient.

Serbia's budget deficit totals RSD 2,3 billion in January 2011

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Serbia's budget deficit in January 2011 totalled RSD 2.3 billion, as budget revenues amounted to RSD 55.4 billion and expenditures to RSD 57.7 billion (EUR 1=RSD 103), the Finance Ministry released Wednesday.

Dinar strengthens against euro by four paras

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The dinar strengthened against the euro on Wednesday by four paras, thus reaching its highest value since the beginning of 2011 and setting the official middle exchange rate at RSD 103.3529 = EUR 1, announced the National Bank of Serbia (NBS).


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