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Cyprus Attorney General: No doubt there are people responsible for this tragedy

14. July 2011. | 12:44

Source: CNA

There is no doubt there are people responsible for the blast at the Naval Base "Evaggelos Florakis' on
Monday, said here Wednesday the Republic's Attorney General Petros Clerides.

There is no doubt there are people responsible for the blast at the Naval Base "Evaggelos Florakis' on
Monday, said here Wednesday the Republic's Attorney General Petros Clerides.

In statements he made to journalists at his office, Clerides said the responsibility he feels towards the citizens of Cyprus for the tragedy which befell the country weighs heavy on his shoulders.

The blast, he said, has not only resulted in casualties and financial destruction but has delivered a blow to the state itself.

Addressing the media Clerides said "you have an obligation to inform people", adding however that "you should inform them correctly".

"There shouldn't be trials conducted by television stations or newspapers", he stressed.

Clerides also called on anyone who has information pertaining to the destruction of documents or evidence to come forward and submit a formal complaint. He assured that such a complaint will be investigated quickly adding that no leniency will be shown if there is any intervention in the process of justice.

He further expressed his certainty that inquiries will be conducted in a very careful manner and without much delay.

"The people want to see results", he said, adding that "it is certain there are responsibilities and the people want to see who is responsible and to what extent".

Asked to say whether it is possible for a criminal investigation to be launched against Ministers or the President of the Republic, Clerides said that Ministers do not have immunity whereas the President does.

Unless, he noted, "the court decides to lift the immunity of either the President, Members of Parliament or whoever has immunity".

Twelve people were killed, namely six firemen, four National Guard members and two sailors, by the huge blast which rocked nearby communities and caused extended damage. Nearby Mari village suffered most of the damage.

The massive explosions occurred at the Naval Base "Evaggelos Florakis", in Zygi, near Limassol, a few minutes before 0600 local time.

The blast occurred in the containers, full of munitions, which Cyprus had confiscated from "Monchegorsk", a vessel sailing from Iran to Syria in 2009.


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