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3 islands, 36 hotels and 8 bays on sale in Turkey Japan lends Romania 315 mln Euros to build tube network Comico won’t give up on refinery Eni head suggests Nabucco-South Stream merger Central Bank of Kosovo to issue treasury bonds Minister Osmani supports adoption of declaration on European cooperation in e-health sector ECB announces EU-funded cooperation programme with the Central Bank of BiH Patriarch Irinej: We cannot renounce Kosmet KFOR: Kosovo police to take charge of Gazimestan tomorrow Return of Kosovo Serbs linked to feeling of security Aim of March 2004 pogrom in Kosovo-Metohija further persecution of Serb population Portugal not to reduce KFOR contingent unilaterally Six years as of March pogrom against Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija Milososki inaugurates Embassy in Kosmet Kosovo Government to be reformatted this week PABSEC Summit to be held in Belgrade Bulgaria to salvage budget through stimulus privatisation FYROM: Enough finances for private sector this year, bankers claim "Greece name row, FYRMacedonia's biggest obstacle" EU mission chief says Croatia must prepare for using European funds Kristalina Georgieva to act as one of Catherine Ashton’s deputies A false and damaging dichotomy Ashton warned of a breakdown in communication between Bosnia’s ethnic leaders EU Commisioner to visit BiH Three consortiums invited to bid for Prishtina Serbia signs protocol with Japan on accession to WTO Serbia and Kuwait agree to intensify economic cooperation Kacin says participation in Summit up to Serbia Drop in trade with Bulgaria Department of State launches new tool to foster "Online Open Dialogue" Ambassador Warlick to Visit Novi Sad Piccadilly will open the largest store in its retail network in Sofia Commissioner Füle: "I hope Serbia will remain committed to the reform agenda" Polish Deputy Prime Minister to meet with high State officials

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Empty bags

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The part of a household budget spent on food is increasing; consumers abandon everything they don’t really need and replace expensive products with cheaper ones.Economists and businessmen say that citizens will spend less money on durable goods, such as furniture, automobiles,

Tadic: Serbia only where U.N. Resolution 1244 is respected

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Serbian President Boris Tadic stated in Novi Sad on March 14 that Serbia will take part in all regional forums where Kosovo's presence is treated in line with the U.N. Resolution 1244, which also works for the regional forum in Kranj.

Kosovo, Belgium sign investment protection treaty

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Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Belgium Yves Leterme, on behalf of Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union signed in Prishtina the Agreement for the promotion and protection of investments.

Kosovo reports progress to IMF

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During a three-week visit in Kosovo, representatives of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) were informed by the Kosovar Ministry of Economy and Finances (MEF) about progress in the areas such as budget, energy and revenue collection.

EIB approves first tranche of €10m loan for reconstruction of Gazela bridge

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Minister of Infrastructure Milutin Mrkonjic confirmed that the Board of Directors of the European Investment Bank (EIB) has approved the first tranche of a loan for the reconstruction of the Belgrade bridge Gazela, amounting to €10 million.

February consumer prices up 0.3% month-on-month

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The consumer prices in February 2010, compared to the same month of 2009, increased by 3.9%, and in comparison to December 2009 by 0.7%.

Serbian-Croatian centre for combatting crime to be opened soon

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Croatian Interior Minister Tomislav Karamarko said that a joint centre for fighting organized crime will be formed together with Serbia, with a database on organized crime in the region.

USAID, 38 Municipalities to sign MoU for Strengthening Youth Entrepreneurship

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The MoU will enable youth offices in these communities to successfully implement various programs for the development of youth entrepreneurship. Minister Samardzic-Markovic and Ambassador Warlick will speak at the ceremony.

Market capitalization of Stock Exchange RSD 880bn

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In February, the market capitalization of Belgrade Stock Exchange increased 0.6 percent on January level, reaching RSD 879.95 billion.

ICJ verdict postponed

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“Signals coming from The Hague indicate that the ICJ will not be able to conclude work until the end of August,” an unnamed international official told the paper.

Petition on Albin Kurti’s defence, submitted to the Assembly

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Representatives of the Council against Albin Kurti‟s trial have submitted a petition with 150,000 signatures of citizens that request closing of the trial against Kurti and start of investigations on the murders during the 10 February 2007 Vetëvendosja protest.

New wave of protests announced in Kosmet

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Koha Ditore reports that farmers announced a peaceful protest on 10 April and warned they will radicalize their discontent after this date.

New member of METRO Cash & Carry Board of Directors - Christian Hylkema

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One of the biggest wholesale chains in Serbia, METRO Cash & Carry Serbia, has another member of its Board of Directors. The new Customer Relationship Manager in this company is Christian R. Hylkema. This year, METRO celebrates five years of successful business in Serbia.

Foreign priest arrested in Thessaloniki on int'l warrant

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Police in Thessaloniki arrested a 47-year-old foreign priest on Friday after acting on an international warrant issued by Serbia.

Serbia and Hungary keep high levels of cooperation

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Serbia and Hungary have excellent relations, and frequent meetings on the state top level prove that the two countries maintain a high level of cooperation, Serbian and Hungarian Presidents Boris Tadic and Laszlo Solyom concluded in Novi Sad on March 14.

Average monthly budget per household RSD 47,582 in fourth quarter of 2009

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The Serbian Statistics Office stated that in the fourth quarter of 2009 the average monthly budget per household in Serbia stood at RSD 47,582.


15. March - 21. March 2010.